Well, well, well…

If you had told me waaaaaaaaaaaay back in September, when I went with @wazmanwazman for the opening week of the NFL season, that I’d be back for the conclusion of the NFL season…

I’d tell you that you were fucking nuts… unless my Bears made it.

Yet, I am returning for the Super Bowl anyway!

How did we get here?

Simple, really. One of my besties, L, is a die-hard 49ers fan. She goes to the divisional games, she goes to the conference championship games, she goes on a road trip to a new city every year, sometimes two. That’s how big of a fan she is. The only remaining thing on her bucket list is to go to the Super Bowl to watch them.

None of us have tickets. Hell, I don’t even have the dough for that game. But regardless, she’s watching the secondhand market like a hawk, and I have a feeling that she will end up finding her way inside that stadium for the big game.

If not, at least we will be here for the (hopefully) afterparty!

So, I’ll be landing around 1:35pm tomorrow. The plan is for me to get dropped off at either Horseshoe (which is where we are staying) or Linq, so I can grab a Frozen Baileys, depending on my mood. I plan on meeting with @NotFromConcentrate as soon as possible. L’s husband M had to work, so they won’t be landing here until 7:55pm.

I’ll be playing at Stage Door for some cheap brewskis and catching up with NFC. @Gaggles, you’re welcome to join if you can find a way. Around 4:00-5:00pm, I’m going to try to check in at Horseshoe, make sure the room is right (we definitely need two beds) and whatnot. After that, just go with the flow until L and M get here.

Saturday and Sunday is pretty much wing it as we go. I think we’ll check out the NFL stuff at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center on Saturday. Sunday will be a crazy day. If L is unable to go to the game, we’ll have to find a plan B for a watch party. I’ve already given her numerous options, including the one that NFC is going to. I’ve left it entirely up to her, since it is HER team, lol. I *did* get a cheap, fake Christian McCaffrey jersey for $35 on eBay just to support her this weekend.

Monday, if things go according to plan, we’ll be hanging out at Fremont Street for some gaming. We have reservations at Hugo’s Cellar for 5:30pm, so I am looking forward to that. As usual, plans can always change.

Tuesday is the day we come home. L & M have a 4:25pm flight and I have a 5:40pm flight… unless there’s overtime… *knock knock*

So… pretty simple, right? None of it sounds crazy or wild, but all I am going to say is….. Stay tuned. There WILL be some wild times, hopefully some jackpots, and definitely a drink or two!!!

This trip, I think, will be once in a lifetime experience. I love the fact that there is so much uncertainty around Saturday/Sunday plans that it is pretty exciting, like, WHAT is going to happen?!

Also, a special shout-out to @ReTriggerMe, who is also a big 49ers fan who never missed a game at the Candlestick. Rooting for you as well, my friend.

Anyway, I am dead ass tired, literally falling asleep as I am typing this up… I am fully packed, ready to hit the ground running tomorrow. So, it is bed time, folks, 12.5 hours exactly until wheels up!!!!!!!!!!


(PS – why the F does NFC always get a royal, but I’m still waiting for mine?!?!?! SOB!)


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