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Nature’s Gym: Outdoor Wellness Activities in Las Vegas

While Las Vegas is celebrated for its dazzling indoor entertainment, the city and its surroundings offer a wealth of outdoor activities that provide a perfect

Outdoor Activities

Going solo: how to travel the world on your own

Ever feel like your freedom and desire to explore the world rarely lines up with your ideal travel buddies? You are not alone. A big

Outdoor Activities

5 ways solo travel helps you meet new people

One of the greatest things to come out of that long stretch of hampered travel freedom and social isolation, is a renewed desire for connection.

Outdoor Activities

5 routes for your U.S. National Park road trip

With 63 National Parks around the United States, planning the ideal road trip route is key to not only see the highlights but carving out

Outdoor Activities

Capturing Patagonia: an analog film adventure

Without a doubt, tackling Torres del Paine is a rigorous and fully rewarding adventure in and of itself. So much so, that you could let

Outdoor Activities

5 reasons to solo travel after 50

Age is just a number, but adventure knows no bounds. If you’ve reached that stage of life when you know all of the places you

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Egypt for first-time solo female travellers

Beautiful mosques, rolling sand dunes, luscious green forests, exotic animals — the list goes on in Africa! With more than 50 countries, the continent overflows

Outdoor Activities

Ten snapshots of South Korea: a photo tour

Not one to shy away from a big adventure, our Manager of Marketing Automation, Ben Smith, pulled inspiration from our Best of South Korea itinerary

Outdoor Activities

4 new reasons to love National Geographic Journeys

More than ever before, travellers like yourself are looking to dive even deeper into the places they visit. You’re longing for meaningful connections with local

Outdoor Activities

Prepping for Morocco: 5 tips before you go

A country of contrasts, Morocco has something new and exciting to offer around every corner. Its vibrant culture sees a fusion of Arabic, Berber, and