When you think of Las Vegas, the bright lights of the Strip might first come to mind. But there’s another side to Sin City that’s equally exciting and can offer you the best Las Vegas zipline: the Fremont Street Experience.

A view of the zipline under the canopy at Fremont Street.

And what’s the star attraction? None other than the Slotzilla zipline!

Slotzilla isn’t just any ordinary zipline; it’s an adrenaline-fueled ride that flies you over the bustling downtown area, giving you a bird’s eye view of the cityscape.

But don’t just take our word for it! Some pretty big names have taken the plunge and loved every minute of it.

Let’s dive into their exhilarating adventures and see why Slotzilla is the best zipline in Vegas.

Katy Perry’s dazzling flight

Katy Perry, known for her electrifying performances, took her thrill-seeking to new heights on the Slotzilla zipline. Her experience showcases her playful and adventurous spirit. Her joy is palpable as she zips through the air, making it clear why she’s a fan of this unique zipline in Las Vegas.

Katy Perry is such a fan of the culture and glitz of Las Vegas that her music video for the famed song “Waking Up in Vegas” is set on the Fremont Street Experience, showcasing the iconic Slotzilla zipline.

Don’t miss the Katy Perry Viva Vision show, an attraction that combines the history of Las Vegas with a new, fresh performer. This once-in-a-lifetime free event will feature a dramatic entrance as Katy Perry glides onto the stage on Slotzilla before her performance begins.

Steve Aoki’s high-flying adventure

Let’s shift gears to the iconic DJ and producer Steve Aoki, who transformed the Fremont Street Experience into his mesmerizing stage. His Slotzilla escapade is a spectacle to behold. As Aoki zooms down the zipline, his excitement is contagious, underscoring that the Slotzilla zipline is an unmissable experience for thrill-seekers.

The Fremont Street Experience is home to the nightly Steve Aoki Viva Vision show, which visitors can enjoy while exploring the attractions on Fremont Street.

This internationally acclaimed DJ boasts a string of awards under his belt, including:

  • Billboard Awards Best Mix Album of the Year
  • World Music Awards World’s Best EDM Artist
  • Grammy Awards Best Dance/Electronica Album
  • MTV Latin America Chiuku Award

These accolades reflect Aoki’s influence in the music industry, particularly in the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scene. The Viva Vision light show is a tribute to Aoki’s high-energy, bass-heavy music. EDM enthusiasts can get lost in a mesmerizing 6-7 minute montage of his tracks, set against a vibrant display of lights and colors under the Viva Vision canopy.

Slotzilla on Undercover Boss

Even the popular TV show Undercover Boss couldn’t resist featuring the Slotzilla zipline. In this episode, viewers get an inside look at the excitement and operation behind this famous attraction.

While safety is the primary concern for those who operate the Slotzilla zipline, speed is a close second. Thousands of visitors flock to this one-of-a-kind experience, and it takes a dedicated team to keep the operation running smoothly and minimize lines.

And, of course, each zipline attendant is focused on ensuring every person has a thrilling, unforgettable experience on Slotzilla. You are, after all, flying over the bustling streets of downtown Vegas as if you were a superhero swooping down for a view.

Why celebrities love Slotzilla

So, what makes Slotzilla the zipline of choice for celebrities? It’s not just the thrill of flying over downtown Las Vegas; it’s the entire experience. You’re part of something special from the moment you step onto the platform. The energy of the crowd, the lights of Fremont Street below and the rush of the wind as you zip down the line; it’s an unforgettable experience.

Slotzilla offers a unique Las Vegas experience

Not only is Slotzilla loved by celebrities, but it’s also been ranked as one of the top attractions in Las Vegas.

Here’s why you should make SlotZilla your next stop:

  • An unforgettable experience: Zip through the heart of downtown Las Vegas, taking in the sights and sounds from an angle few get to experience
  • Two different rides: Choose from the lower Zip-Zilla or the upper Super Hero Zoom to get two different perspectives out of the Fremont Experience
  • High speeds: Depending on your arm position, you can reach speeds upwards of 35 mph. It’s an exhilarating rush like no other!
  • Accessible: We welcome guests with disabilities. Elevators are available for ADA guests, and a supervisor will assist in a Fremont Experience wheelchair.

Once you’ve landed, the fun doesn’t stop. You’ll find yourself in the heart of Fremont Street, surrounded by vibrant casinos, live entertainment and delicious eateries. Not to mention the Viva Vision light shows that illuminate the canopy overhead, creating a mesmerizing spectacle.

Join the ranks

A view of the zipline under the canopy at Fremont Street.

Celebrities from Katy Perry to Steve Aoki have shown love for the Slotzilla zipline. Now, we invite you to join the ranks of these stars and experience the thrill for yourself. Book your Slotzilla zipline adventure today!

And don’t forget to check out our partner casinos in downtown Las Vegas for even more fun and excitement. From the glitz of the Golden Nugget to the vintage charm of Binion’s, there’s something for everyone on Fremont Street.

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