EEEeeeeee! It’s Vegas time again! It’s only been two months and yet, thanks to some crazy wins at my local casino, I decided to go back! I intended to go back in April but the plane tix were insane. So here I am!

7 nights at the Vdara for 200$ total, although I will be paying resort fees (boo!) because my Gold status was not reached (boo twice!).

Plans? KENO!!!!!!! Loads and loads of Keno. Some slotting, some VP if things go well. Laying low when the SuperBowl crowd gets in and, of course, trying to get a TayTay sighting.

Food? The usual! Din Tai Fun, Lemongrass, etc. I am sad to see that Koi closed, it was my sushi place near the Aria, but I will try to find another place.

I’m driving to Montreal this afternoon and spending the night near the airport: my flight leaves PET tomorrow at 8am, should reach Vegas before noon. Let’s hope that all goes well.

Please accompany me on a journey of low-rolling, crowd judging, Caveman adoring and great food!

Let’s do it to it!


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