Hey everyone! Wanted to let you know about a fantastic new option for GLUTEN-FREE PIZZA here in Las Vegas that just opened! It’s called My Pie, and it’s located in the Centennial Shopping Center at 7930 W Tropical Pkwy #130, 89149. Went for the first time last night, and it was AWESOME!

Got to meet the owner, Robert Lee, and spent a lot of time talking with the general manager, Buddy Wagner, who was a former sous chef on the Strip and is very knowledgeable regarding gluten-free and the concern for possible cross-contamination. We went over their process when you ask for a GF pizza (AND you let them know it’s because you have Celiac or an allergy, and not just because of a preference), and I was really impressed with the procedures they’ve put in place. They changed their gloves, had separate screens for the GF pizza dough (the gluten-free dough is kept SEALED until it’s used), had special wooden paddles used only for GF pizza, had one pizza sauce bin that is ONLY used for GF pizza, got made-to-order toppings from under the counter (instead of the ones on the line) just to be safe, cooked the GF pizza a bit longer than the regular pizza (5-min as opposed to 2-min at 800 degrees, knowing, as we all do, that sometimes GF crust can be soggy and chewy in the middle if not cooked enough), etc, etc!! I was super impressed with everything, and the pizza was REALLY good! They even carry a gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free brownie you can get for dessert (it’s definitely not sugar-free though, which is probably why it tasted so dang AMAZING)!!! LOL And all the prices were really reasonable…even with the $2.25 up-charge for GF crust, my pizza was just over $10. That’s it!!! All sauces (except for Alfredo) are gluten-free, as well as all their toppings (except for the obvious meatballs).

As usual, we will plan to go a few more times before we can add them to our recommended RESTAURANT LISTINGS page of our website, but I feel super comfortable saying I was really impressed and I encourage you to check them out!! Please remember, however, that it is not a 100% gluten-free facility, and they obviously have regular pizza and regular flour on site as well. So use your own best judgment knowing your particular issues and concerns. But personally, I thought they took a ton of precautions, and I did not get sick at all (those who know me, know I am quite sensitive to ANY cross-contamination).

Thank you, My Pie Pizza (Las Vegas, NV), and welcome to Vegas!! 😁👏🏻🍕

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