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The Best of Family Friendly Las Vegas

Las Vegas is not a difficult place to vacation as a family. Although the city is mainly geared toward adults, Las Vegas still offers up plenty for those visiting with their kids in tow. We have put together a guide of family friendly attractions, restaurants, hotels, shows, hotel pools as well as some family travel tips to help you plan that perfect Las Vegas family vacation. This Las Vegas with Kids Guide is sectioned off into categories, which highlight some of our top choices as well as a link to our articles with the full list, more details and links.

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Las Vegas Family Activities

Although Las Vegas is known mainly as an adult playground, it has also done a fantastic job in mixing in an amazing array of fun and kid friendly activities all around the city. With so many great sights, attractions and entertainment choices available every day a family should have no problems filling their vacation itineraries chock full of fun. Las Vegas has to be one of the top cities for families to have so many kid friendly attractions to choose from in one area, that it makes for a wonderful choice for your next family getaway. Below are a few of our favorite family activities that we recommend during your vacation, along with a link to our complete list of things to do with kids in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Family Restaurants

Gone are the days of the .99¢ shrimp cocktails, budget buffets and 1/2 pound hot dogs. Las Vegas has transformed itself into one of the culinary capitals of the world and now offers tourists with so many quality dining choices both on and off the Las Vegas Strip. We put a list of Las Vegas family restaurant recommendations that offer up great food and a kid friendly atmosphere that both kids and adults will love. Below are a few of our favorite family restaurants along with a link to our complete list. Bon Appétit!

Las Vegas Family Hotels

Las Vegas has the most hotel rooms (over 150K) of any U.S. city, so finding the perfect one for your family can be quite the task. With so many different types of hotels to choose from, a family has many choices as to which hotel meets its needs for their vacation. Some families opt for regular rooms in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip to stay within walking distance to the many attractions and restaurants while others might venture out a bit further to get more family amenities at their hotel. Depending on what type of vacation your family is looking for while in Vegas, different hotels will suit you better than others. Below are a few of our hotel recommendations for families along with a link to our complete list of the best family friendly hotels.


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Las Vegas Family Pools

One thing that is a must during the hot Nevada desert days is having a great kid friendly pool at your resort or hotel. Las Vegas has plenty of world class pools, but a lot of them are not geared towards the family. Between pool bars, swim-up blackjack, pool parties with DJs and just plain rambunctious crowds, not all pools are where you want your kids to spend the day splashing around. Our list of family pools have kid friendly features like lazy rivers, wave pools, waterslides, waterfalls and many other amenities. These are the swimming pools built with the family in mind and will have you and kids enjoying a fun afternoon in the sun and water.

Las Vegas Family Shows

If your kids are old enough, your family should take in a show during your Las Vegas vacation. In the “Entertainment Capital of the World,” there are tons of top-notch options, but not all of them will be suitable for the kids. Our list of family friendly shows give you some great options that both kids and adults alike will love. Be sure to check the age minimum and we recommend booking your tickets ahead of time and taking in the earlier shows.

Las Vegas Bucket List

With so many unique and fun things to do in and around Las Vegas, putting together a bucket list shouldn’t be that difficult for anyone. To make it even easier for you to make your own list, we have put together a comprehensive bucket list of activities, experiences and sights that range from pretty extreme to mild and everything in between. With years of firsthand experience of Las Vegas activities, our list is sure to help you find your next bucket list item.

Free Things To Do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has an abundant amount of activities, attractions, tours and entertainment for tourists to enjoy. When planning out your itinerary, you should be adding in some top notch activities and attractions, but that comes at a cost. Throwing in some free activities and attractions onto your schedule can help your travel budget without sacrificing your fun factor. We put together an extensive list of the best free things to do in Las Vegas to help you better plan your vacation.

Las Vegas with Kids Travel Tips

  • Las Vegas with kids can get expensive, so make sure to take advantage of the many free kid friendly attractions that the city has to offer. Schedule in a free attraction here and there and your day will be packed with fun without spending too much.
  • Avoid the busiest times of the year which include holidays and major events – conventions (International CES, SEMA Show, NAB Show, Rodeo Finals) – that pack the strip and drive up the prices.
  • If you vacation during the hottest times of the year in Las Vegas, make sure to drink plenty of water, avoid too many outdoor activities on the same day and plan some family time at a kid friendly pool. See our list of the Best Family Pools in Las Vegas.
  • Staying at a resort on the Las Vegas Strip puts your family in the heart of the action, but many hotels outside of the strip might offer more family friendly amenities (bowling, movie theaters and arcades), better room rates, rooms with kitchens or multiple bedrooms, a calmer atmosphere and less traffic.
  • Venture off the Las Vegas Strip once in a while to experience all the family friendly activities, shopping and restaurants that Las Vegas has to offer. Some of our favorite activities and restaurants are not on the strip.
  • With the large number of attractions, sights and entertainment choices available for families, it can be easy to schedule in too much each day. Make sure not to pack your itinerary with so many activities that the kids will be worn out by the afternoon.

We hope our Las Vegas with Kids travel guide and travel tips helps you plan a perfect getaway for you and the kids. As you can see there is plenty to see and do in Las Vegas, so check back here as we will keep all our family friendly lists up to date with all that Vegas has to offer. If you have any questions or know of any suggestions, please feel free to contact us or leave a comment.

Las Vegas with Kids

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