Discount tickets to the V Theater’s Hitzville The Show may appear difficult to come by, but we’ll show you how to purchase them without the hassle. Unfortunately, acquiring low-cost tickets necessitates a significant investment of time, effort, and money. But we’ve found a few ways for you to save money while watching the show!

There are many wonderful shows to watch in Las Vegas, but Hitzville The Show will take you right back to some of your favorite musical moments! This performance, which features some of the world’s most famous songs in one of the world’s most entertaining cities, will keep you laughing throughout. The good news is that this show’s tickets do not have to be extremely expensive pricey.

Hitzville The Show Discount Tickets

15 Ways To Save On Tickets To This Amazing Show!

Lowest Price Guaranteed!

Finding inexpensive discount tickets to one of the best impersonator shows in Las Vegas doesn’t have to be difficult! We’ve done all of the legwork and heavy lifting for you, so you can enjoy all of the best show ticket deals. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about promotional coupons and discount websites.

#1 Promo Codes

We searched high and low for good show discount codes, but none appear to be available right now. It’s unusual to use codes for discount show tickets in Las Vegas, and it’s not always the best option.

While discount codes appear to be the most cost-effective method of saving money, they are not always reliable or originate from reliable sources. Check the fine print and make sure the codes are from a credible and trustworthy source if you come across a promotional or discount code.

#2 Discount Show Ticket For Locals

On occasion, several concerts in the area offer discounted tickets to locals. Unfortunately, no local deals for discounted tickets to this Las Vegas event appear to be active. However, just because you don’t live in or near a metropolis does not rule out the possibility of saving money!

Despite the fact that locals in Las Vegas will not receive a discounted ticket, there is no need to be alarmed. On, tickets are still available at a low price. So go to the website right now to prevent missing out on the finest deal on tickets.

#3 Military Discounts For The Show

You won’t be able to use your military discount on Hitzville The Show discount tickets, but you’ll save a lot on hotel accommodations! Retired and active military people can save money on hotel stays at Caesars Entertainment locations.

You may save a lot of money on your hotel reservations since the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino, which is part of the Caesars Entertainment Group, has a special incentive program for service members. Before going to to save money on your tickets, we recommend using your discount to save money on your hotel accommodations!

#4 Save Big By Planning Ahead

Another way to avoid price gouging is to purchase your tickets in advance. If you wait until the last minute, there will be fewer tickets available, and more people will be looking for them. As a result, ticket providers, especially, charge significantly higher per-ticket prices.

If you need a last-minute ticket, keep an eye out on for great prices all of the time! You’ll be able to save a lot of money on tickets to one of the best tribute shows in Las Vegas – you won’t be disappointed by the show or the prices!

#5 Check Out Vegas During The Off-Season

Even Las Vegas, the world-famous desert city, has slow times of the year when fewer tourists visit. Because demand determines ticket pricing, fewer individuals buying tickets means lower demand and lower ticket prices.

Slower times include the week following Thanksgiving and a few weeks in December and January. If you chance to be in Vegas at this time, you might be able to find some cheap Hitzville The Show tickets.

#6 | Lowest Price Guaranteed!

It’s no secret that is one of our favorite sites for finding affordable concerts in Las Vegas. The cheapest tickets start at $49. But, more importantly, has much more to offer than low-cost tickets. This website contains a plethora of information about all of Las Vegas’ most popular performances.

Important information such as the most current time the last tickets were reserved – which was only an hour ago! – may be found here. You can also see how many tickets are still available and compare ticket prices for other days and times. To ensure that you don’t lose out on your chance to see the show, displays how many seats are still available for each performance – so go to the site as soon as possible to avoid missing out!

#7 Buy Tickets In Advance For Better Seats

It’s critical to not only find great seats at a good price but also to find tickets for the seats you want. Purchasing concert tickets in advance ensures that you receive the best seats at the greatest price!

This is one of the best ways to purchase discounted Hitzville The Show tickets for the seats with the finest views of the show! While you’re planning your trip, check out for great bargains and seats and plenty of information on the show and its venue!

#8 Should You Try StubHub?

When it comes to obtaining affordable concert tickets in Las Vegas, StubHub isn’t our first choice. StubHub is a ticket resale website. As a result, each ticket often comes with a fee that benefits both the seller and StubHub.

Given that this site is not currently selling tickets to the concert, we suspect you’ll be able to find them for a much more reasonable price elsewhere. Always check first before purchasing tickets from any other website to ensure you won’t find a better deal!

#9 Any Chance Of Saving On Ticketmaster?

We suggest avoiding Ticketmaster whenever possible because it isn’t our first choice for obtaining cheap Las Vegas event tickets. Despite the fact that their pricing appears to be cheap, their additional expenses are not. Ticketmaster typically adds $30 to each ticket in taxes, fees, and service charges.

Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about overpaying on Ticketmaster because the performance is currently sold out. Visit to buy concert tickets without all of those unnecessary fees!

#10 Buying Tickets Directly

Discount tickets for this show are available from a variety of sources. Third-party vendors can tack on extra fees and pricing to earn a profit which can lead to much higher prices. Fortunately, this show has a website where you may purchase tickets.

However, purchasing tickets directly from the source does not necessarily guarantee the greatest price on the best Vegas shows. Tickets to the performance can be purchased straight from the website, starting at $120 plus costs. has plenty of better options.


You might think that buying tickets from a site like is the most cost-effective option. However, this is usually not the case with this platform. You won’t have to worry about overpaying for tickets here, as the show is not currently selling tickets on

This isn’t the place to go if you’re searching for affordable shows in Vegas.  Instead, before purchasing tickets from any website, we recommend going to to ensure that the seats you desire are not available at a lower price.

#12 Tickets On Groupon

Although Groupon does not always have active bargains on Las Vegas performances, this is not the case with Hitzville The Show! General admission tickets are currently available for $79.98. Of course, there are other methods to save money, but if the performance has already sold out elsewhere, this could be a terrific option.

Read all of the deal’s instructions, limits, and tiny print because Groupon deals aren’t often as straightforward as they appear. You’ll want to get your tickets as soon as possible, too, especially if the deal is really appealing! For the time being, tickets are still available at a terrific price through!

#13 Using Your MGM M Life Rewards Card To Save

The ability to use points to save money on entertainment and other products throughout the casino and resorts is one of the many benefits of owning an M Life Card. M Life is a gaming card that awards points for casino activity. All you have to do to play is display your card!

To find out if you qualify for discounted tickets for events through the M Life program, simply call the M Life rewards office or the MGM Grand Box Office. Even if you don’t have an MGM M Life card, you may save a lot of money on concert tickets! Simply go to to locate a great price on show tickets.

#14 Saving With Viator isn’t known for offering the most cost-effective performance tickets. While not as inexpensive as, they are more affordable than some of the other sites we looked into. Tickets to Hitzville, The Show performance, are now available for $59.99.

But why pay extra when you can get the same show at for $49? may be a nice alternative if you can’t get tickets anywhere else and want to witness the show, but we recommend looking elsewhere. is a terrific place to start because you can always find a great deal on any of Las Vegas’ popular shows!

#15 AARP Discounts

While there are no special AARP discounts for people looking for low-cost tickets, the MGM Grand entertainment corporation does provide discounts to AARP members! The only drawback is that show tickets are not included in the package. AARP members, on the other hand, can get a 5% discount on hotel stays.

Combining your senior discount with one of our other suggestions is a great idea. The most straightforward approach to save money is to reserve your accommodation with your senior discount and then go to for the best ticket prices – after all, they do provide the best price guarantee!


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