Fine Company


MOM’S BANANA BREAD – local wildflower honey, good butter, sea salt

BURRATA SALAD – castelfranco, persimmon, figs, honey nut squash, pomegranate, sherry vinaigrette, crispy prosciutto

SALT & PEPPER SHRIMP – white gulf shrimp, fennel salad, calabrian chili oil

MERGUEZ STUFFED DATES – lamb sausage, goat cheese, red pepper romesco, parsley pesto

SALMON AVOCADO TOAST – norwegian salmon, crushed avocado, preserved tomatoes, garden herbs & flowers

PORCHETTA SANDWICH – potato focaccia, pesto aioli, giardiniera, arugula salad, kennebec fries

FILETO FISH – shatter battered rock fish, giardiniera remoulade, brioche bun, new school american cheese, kennebec fries

FRIED CHICKEN SANDWICH – jidori breast, honey cumin glaze, black pepper aioli, brioche bun, kennebec fries

BREAKFAST BURGER – 6oz beef burger, new school american cheese, bacon, french toast bun, hash brown, maple syrup, sunny egg

CHINA RANCH DATE CAKE – caramelized kabocha pumpkin, miso toffee sauce, ginger ice cream

PINEAPPLE UPSIDE DOWN SUNDAE – greek yogurt soft serve, pineapple upside down cake flavors

BROWN BUTTER PANCAKES – bourbon maple butter

APPLE PIE FRENCH TOAST – spice poached apples, toasted pecans, whipped chai creme fraiche

Referencing a recently heard quote “the end result is never better than the quality of the Product you start with” Roy Ellamar’s new restaurant titled Fine Company is everything one might expect and more than one could possibly hope for in Downtown Summerlin.

Mostly quiet since departing his namesake Harvest at Bellagio in 2021, as seasonal and smart a Restaurant as Las Vegas Boulevard has ever hosted, Fine Company finds Roy and team cooking familiar Food flawlessly while the service is top notch.

A full rebuild of MTO, the space now warm and open with wood punctuated by spots of color plus cookbooks, it is once seated that guests will find the 10:00am-3:00pm Brunch menu filled with everything from Spanish-inspired Dates to the twice-baked Banana Bread that Ellamar’s mother has been baking since his childhood in Hawaii.

Continuing a trend of Strip-Chefs flourishing in the community, Roy’s ability to prepare great Ingredients in a way that lets them shine amongst the best in Sin City, one need look no further than the aptly named “Salmon Avocado Toast” to understand as Norwegian Fish melds perfectly with Heirloom Tomatoes, Herbs and creamy Avocado.

Managed by Jamie Greco and backed by LEV, each server wearing a smile with comprehensive knowledge of the menu, the FILETO FISH Sandwich goes well beyond its tongue-in-cheek reference thanks to crispy Halibut and vibrant Remoulade while SALT & PEPPER SHRIMP burst to the tooth yielding sweet flesh.

Expanding the Sandwich menu at lunch, more composed plates now offered at dinner, Roy’s Breakfast Burger excels thanks to good Beef and a crispy Hash Brown while Fried Chicken brings sweet heat in comparison to slowly roasted Pork complimented by Pesto and housemade Giardiniera.

Undoubtedly a Brunch spot, Pancakes fluffy with hints of Malt complimented by top-shelf Syrup, Fine Company’s French Toast arrives double-thick with golden exterior overlying a custard-soaked center crowned by Chai Cream and Spiced Apples.

Chic but family-friendly, a neighborhood Restaurant by all standards including prices that are more than fair, Desserts reminisce of Harvest’s highlights whether one selects the China Ranch Date Cake, fragrant Panna Cotta or Ice Cream Sundae inspired by Pineapple Upside Down Cake.

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