Las Vegas is known for many things, including its flashing neon lights, lively casinos, luxury resorts and the promise of a good time. But have you ever wondered how it all got started? Before there was anything on the Las Vegas Strip, there was Fremont Street in old downtown Las Vegas.

A crowd watching a live band outside Circa at the Fremont Street Experience.

So, why is Fremont Street so famous? We’re breaking down the rich Las Vegas history of the street and why it’s still the place to be for an unforgettable Vegas experience.

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What is the history of Fremont Street?

In short, Fremont Street is where Las Vegas started. The street was first established in 1905 as the center of the fledgling city where business and pleasure came together. Fremont Street was a busy travel route, with Las Vegas’ first train station just a few steps away, so it catered to travelers looking for a place to relax and unwind.

As the city grew, so did Fremont Street. The iconic street was home to the first casino and the first telephone line in the city. It was also the first street to be paved in Las Vegas in 1925. The bustling businesses slid under the radar when both gambling and liquor were outlawed, allowing fun-seeking patrons to let loose on Fremont Street.

Throughout the decades, more casinos would fill Fremont Street as the Las Vegas population and tourism boomed, many of them still operating and drawing crowds from across the globe! More recently, the City of Las Vegas invested heavily in revitalizing the downtown area, which resulted in the creation of the Fremont Street Experience. 

What are some fun facts about Fremont Street, Las Vegas?

Fremont Street Experience in downtown Las Vegas is an interesting mix of vintage Vegas and exciting new attractions. Here are some fun tidbits that make Fremont Street truly unique:

  • Las Vegas gaming started on Fremont Street with the opening of the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino in 1906
  • El Portal on Fremont Street was the city’s first movie theater
  • Fremont Street had the first air-conditioned and carpeted building in Las Vegas
  • The famous Vegas Vic neon cowboy still illuminates Fremont Street over the Pioneer Gift Shop
  • The dazzling Viva Vision canopy that covers Fremont Street is the largest LED canopy screen in the world
  • The launchpad for the SlotZilla zipline on Fremont Street is the world’s largest slot machine

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Is Fremont Street better than the Las Vegas Strip?

It’s all a matter of perspective when comparing the Fremont Street Experience to the Las Vegas Strip. Whether you enjoy one over the other depends on your preferences. Do you like free concerts, free parking, affordable food and drinks, low to no resort fees and old-school Vegas service? If the answer is yes, then you need to head to Fremont Street during your next visit to Las Vegas!

Locals love to hang out and get the most bang for their buck in Fremont Street and the surrounding downtown area. You have access to free entertainment, locally-run bars and businesses and a down-to-earth crowd that’s there for a good time. Also, many of the best restaurants in Las Vegas are located in the hotels and casinos on Fremont Street.

Why should I go to the Fremont Street Experience?

The real question is, “Why wouldn’t you go to Fremont Street Experience?” This exciting and immersive part of downtown is known for its epic parties and fun times! When you visit Fremont Street Experience, here are some of the top things to do:

If you’re not sure where to start on Fremont Street, don’t worry. Fremont Street Experience has you covered! Check out our events calendar, free parking near Fremont Street and our complete guide on what to do in downtown Las Vegas.

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A crowd watching a live band outside The D and 4 Queens at the Fremont Street Experience.

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With so much to see and do downtown, you’ll find yourself coming back to Fremont Street again and again for the most memorable stays in Vegas. Don’t forget to find the best downtown deals and promotions before booking your room on Fremont Street!

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