Can you gamble in Nevada? Find out more about the gambling industry in Nevada, including laws and trends.
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you hear Nevada, most people immediately think of Las Vegas. Not only is this
state known as America’s gambling hub, but its rich history is intertwined with
finding fortune. While traditional gambling has always been at the forefront in
Nevada, the state has been innovative, too, offering immersive experiences in
the form of online gambling. This article explores the state’s gambling laws,
history, and how people choose to gamble in Nevada.

The History of Gambling in Nevada

might come as a surprise, but Nevada has not always been the gambling center it
is today, and forget finding a forum to
play poker online. Considering gambling was
outlawed between 1910 and 1931, it took several decades afterward to establish
its cult-like status. During the Great Depression, America was gripped by
economic decline, but the state slowly decriminalized the pastime, leading to
an economic boom.

ushered in the modern era of casino gambling. One would naturally assume that
Las Vegas was the first city to adopt gambling, but it was Reno. While casino
bosses were testing the waters, the pastime quickly attracted people from all
walks of life, notably the rich and famous. However,  it was not long before Las Vegas would take
the strip to the next level and show the world how gambling is done right. A
significant drawcard has always been the neon lights and towering casino
resorts like the MGM Grand. However, the city started small with blackjack and
Russian roulette. These games quickly gained popularity, so much so that they
are still enjoyed today.

By the
60s, Las Vegas had grown exponentially, with casinos on every corner. This was
the era when the strip as we know it today was formed. During this time, some
of the most famous casino resorts appeared. At the same time, gambling
regulations also had a massive cultural impact. The ratification of the Nevada
Gaming Control Act in 1959 allowed for the industry to expand and develop its
regulatory bodies.

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Current Gambling Laws

is regulated today, so it is always advisable to monitor gambling laws since
they change rapidly. Here are some pivotal gambling laws to consider in 2024.

Legal Age of Gambling

  • In the United States, you are considered an adult at 21.
    So, for this reason, you can only gamble in this state once you reach this age.

Casino Gambling

  • Casino gambling remains one of the key factors that drives
    Nevada’s gambling laws. Since casinos offer a range of games, from slot
    machines to poker, the Nevada Gaming Control Board and Commission regulates all
    these systems and games. The idea is for the NGCBC to closely monitor fairness
    and integrity.

Sports Betting

  • This has become a phenomenon worldwide, but Nevada has
    truly embraced sports betting, and in 2024 and beyond, the industry will
    continue to thrive. Players can now legally place bets on several sports at
    licensed sportsbooks. Additionally, this form of gambling has made the industry
    more accessible.


  • There has been no significant update to traditional or
    online poker; however, note that the Nevada Gaming Control Board and Commission
    regulate both. This includes bingo and any other table games, too.

Mobile Gambling

  • It is legal to gamble online in this state. This has not
    changed and has been welcomed by players and casino bosses alike. However,
    there are regulations to keep in mind when playing via mobile. For example,
    sports wagers can be made using mobile devices with licensed operators, and the
    players must live in Nevada.  

MGM: The Gambling Pros

Resort Casinos have been at the forefront of gambling since they were
established decades ago. Not only do they stand as a titan, but they have also
contributed to Nevada’s popularity as the leading gambling destination. Their
portfolio includes several properties that have shaped Las Vegas in particular.

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How Do People Gamble in Nevada?

It is
always interesting to look at gambling trends, specifically how people choose
to gamble. While some prefer the traditional setting, others have embraced
technology for its convenience and accessibility.

Sports Betting Dominance

  • There is no denying how well-received sports betting has been, particularly online sports betting. It has steadily increased over time and is now dominating the industry. Since it is easily accessible, people can place bets at any moment. This has become so popular that BetMGM’s Nevada app has been updated to offer sports fans incredible enhancements and new features.


  • Poker never left the scene but underwent considerable
    changes, such as incorporating online poker and live tournaments. As one of the
    oldest forms of gambling, poker has renewed interest, especially in Nevada.
    With events like the World Series of Poker, enthusiasts are coming out in
    numbers to support and, hopefully, compete too.

Online and Mobile Games

  • Studies show that the online gambling market is expected
    to grow to $103.74 billion by 2028. Trends indicate this form of gambling is so
    popular because social gaming and friendly regulators make it popular not only
    in Nevada but across the globe.  

Follow the Law and Enjoy the Games

highly regulated gambling industry has evolved into a dynamic landscape in
2024. For Nevada in particular, the state has grown exponentially since the
advent of casinos, and knowing the factors that govern gambling laws makes for
a far more enjoyable experience, whether you’re a poker master, Russian
Roulette wizard, or slots fan.

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