Welcome to the second annual Vegan Dining Month taking place across New York City the entire month of January. In conjunction with Veganuary, an international non-profit challenging people to go vegan for the month, Vegans, Baby’s annual event celebrates plant-based dining in New York City. This is a guide to all restaurants participating in the 2024 Vegan Dining Month.


At the end of the month, each restaurant will donate a portion of the proceeds from their specific dishes below to the West Side Campaign Against Hunger (WSCAH). 

Since 1979, WSCAH has pursued its mission of ensuring all New Yorkers have access with dignity to a choice of healthy food and supportive services, such as SNAP (food stamps). WSCAH serves nutritious food to over 80,000 food-insecure New Yorkers annually. Last year, 55% of all food distributed by WSCAH was fresh produce. WSCAH is proud to offer vegan/vegetarian options, ensuring every family receives healthy food that meets their dietary and cultural needs and preferences.

1135 Amsterdam Ave.

Barbacoa tacos – with Chunk™ Steak


13 E. 1st St., New York

Baar Baar Vegan Dining Month NYC special - 2024

Assorted papad with chutneys – chili and peanut, green mango and tomatillo, charred tomato pachadi – 14

Homemade chutney – chili and peanut, cilantro and mint, fermented chili (super hot), green mango and tomatillo, charred tomato pachadi – 2 each/3 for 5

Pani puri – avocado, passion fruit water – 12

Cauliflower 65 – chili and peanut chutney, curry leaf, podi masala – 17

Sweet potato chat – masala sweet corn, cilantro, mint chutney – 16

Avocado and green chickpea bhel – golden beetroot, tamarind, pufified black rice – 17

Stuffed Holland eggplant – artichoke kurchan, malvani curry – 28

Basmati rice – 5

Multigrain roti – 6 

Chickpea curry – 10

Cumin fingerling potatoes – 14

House-churned sorbet – 5

Mango Chilli/ Kaju Katli – 5


507 Columbus Ave., New York

Three course menu – $35 per person

First Course (choose one)

Crispy Artichokes – chickpea-flour battered, lemon-caper aioli, arugula (gf, nf, sf)

Pumpkin Ravioli – sage brown butter, butternut squash, toasted pumpkin seeds (nf)

Cape Cod Cakes – tartar sauce (nf)

Second Course (choose one):

Savory Seitan – pan-seared seitan cutlets, white wine, rosemary tomato sauce, roasted potatoes, haricot vert, roasted tomato, garlic aioli (nf)

Carbonara – spaghetti, cashew cream sauce, smoked soy bacon, sunny side up ‘egg’

Curried Stuffed Sweet Potato – walnut-lentil-eggplant stuffing, coconut peanut curry, parsnip chips, collard greens, horseradish crème drizzle (gf, sf)

Third Course (choose one):

Chocolate Ganache –  berry reduction, vanilla ice cream (gf, nf)

Tiramisu – coconut mascarpone, espresso, vanilla ladyfingers (nf)

Seasonal Cheesecake – ask server for current offering

Specialty Cocktail $15 – The Salty Barman: vodka, Bailey’s Almande, coffee liqueur, house-made caramel, salted caramel rim


408 Fort Washington Ave., New York; 4300 Broadway, New York; 213 Pinehurst Ave., New York; 4961 Broadway, New York

Menu coming soon


178 W. Houston St., New York

Menu coming soon


78 Leonard St., New York


250 W. 47th St., New York

Gulaabo Vegan Dining Month NYC special - 2024

Golgappe – build your own, burst-in-the-mouth puffed balls, tamarind and mint waters – 10

Punjabi samosa – stuffed, flaky and crispy spicy samosa, tamarind chutney, mint chutney – 14

Aloo tiki chaat – aloo tiki, channa masala, yogurt – 15

Shakarkand ki chaat – sweet potato, dates, tamarind, mint chutney – 15

Amritsari wadialoo – sun-dried lentil dumplings in heritage grandmother-style curry – 20

Aloo ghobi – cauli and potato curry,  ginger, dry mango seasoning – 20

Tandoor roti – whole wheat roti – 7

Dal dhabba – trio of mixed dal – 15

Rice – 10

AAM ras sorbet – 15


234 Union Ave., Brooklyn

Yuh Motha’s Ceviche – Tender hearts of palm, Served atop a crisp and golden fried plantain – 16


Curry Chik’n Tacos – Three flavorful and bold curry chik’n tacos on a corn tortilla, with sauteed bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, and our cucumber apple chutney, garnished with microgreens – 18


Arroz Con Leche – House made cashew milk dominican rice pudding – 12


63 Carmine St., New York; 162 E. Broadway, New York; 450 W. 33rd St., New York; 119 Kent Ave., Brooklyn

Buffalo pollo burrito – Crispy Daring chickenbuffalo, lettuce, fermented beans, guac, ranch – 16


112 Berry St., Brooklyn; 1111 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn;  649 Grand St., Brooklyn’ 262 Irving Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11237

**Exclusive for in-store and lucysvietnamese.com orders**

Lucy's Vietnamese Vegan Dining Month NYC special - 2024

Vegan Delight Menu

Summer rolls – choice of vegan ginger chick’n or lemongrass tofu – 4.50

Choice of:

Pho – Vietnamese noodle soup or Bahn mi – baguette sandwich (vegan ginger chick’n or tofu) – 14.95

Homemade iced tea – free


659 9th Ave., New York

Mercury Bar West Vegan Dining Month 2024 NYC

Vegan nachos – corn tortilla chips, vegan blend of jack and cheddar cheeses, refried back beans, pico de gallo, guacamole, vegan sour cream and house made salsa – 22

Essex Market, 88 Essex St., New York

Mille Nonne Vegan Dining Month NYC special - 2024

House-made red beet and sweet potatoes gnocchi alla Sorrentina – vegan mozzarealla, tomato

Potato gnocchi – signature vegan pesto with basil, arugula, sunflower seeds

Lentil soup – GF

Chickpea and butternut squash soup – GF

Venetian bean soup – GF

Baked vegan eggplant parmigiana – GF, coconut oil-based cheese

Vegan eggplant parmigiana sandwich 

Vegan chocolate pudding – oat milk, topped with caramelized orange zest


317 Union Ave., Brooklyn

Menu coming soon


25 Cleveland Pl., New York

Teriyaki quinoa bowl – Fable mushrooms marinated in our house teriyaki glaze, quinoa, roasted broccoli, with ginger slaw


739 Franklin Ave., Brooklyn

Ras Plant Based Vegan Dining Month NYC special - 2024

Three courses – $45 per person

Combo Sambusa – two pastry rolls filled with lentils and butternut squash

Minshet Abish – Ground pea protein stew. Onion, garlic, turmeric and Ras spice blend

Trisomeberry cake


Pop-up kitchen

Secret Vegan Kitchen Vegan Dining Month NYC special - 2024

Bucket of Fried Chick’n – 3pcs house made fried chick’n, maple BBQ sauce and ranch. Served with tots – 20

Chopped Cheese Steak – Thin-sliced house steak, melted cheese, sautéed onions, lettuce, tomato, garlic mayo, chopped and mixed on a toasted roll. Served with fries – 18

Assorted Deli Heros – Showcasing our house made deli meats. Turkey, Ham, Roast Beef, Capocollo, Pepperoni, Pastrami, Bac’n – a different hero each week. served with potato chips – 15

Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake -NUT FREE- NY Style cheesecake with Maraschino cherries and chocolate chips – 7

517 Amsterdam Ave., New York

Tiki Chick Vegan Dining Month NYC special - 2024

Tikilafel – Sweet and  savory falafel with grilled pineapple, pickled red cabbage, pickle chips, Smokey Sunset vegan sauce, Blue Lagoon vegan ranch paired with a cocktail – 20

MyForestMyForest Foods sponsor Vegan Dining Month

Allow us to (re)introduce you to our flagship product, MyBacon! You may recognize it from the shelves of your local markets (we’re in 100+ stores in NYC!), but in case we haven’t met, MyBacon is a delicious, plant-based bacon alternative made from mycelium—the vegetative root structure of mushrooms—farm-grown by us in Upstate NY. MyBacon truly tastes, smells, and crunches like traditional bacon. Quotes from last month’s demos include: “Love that the ingredients are clean and straight forward, nothing processed! “WHAAAAT??!! That’s just mushrooms???!” I’m not vegan and I still love it. One of the greatest plant based alternatives out there.” We know you’ll love it too!

Vegan Friendly

Vegan Friendly is a sponsor of the annual Vegan Dining Month by Vegans, Baby

Vegan Friendly stands as a global leader in advocating for the vegan lifestyle, established a decade ago and recently launched in the US. Their primary focus revolves around spreading awareness through international projects, campaigns, and events, and enhancing the accessibility of the vegan lifestyle through their distinctive certification program, tailored to support and boost the growth of vegan and vegan-friendly businesses. With a social media following exceeding 170K and their exclusive Vegan Friendly app, their substantial impact and influence mark them as a key player in promoting a more compassionate world. 

TiNDLE Foods

Tindle is a sponsor of the annual Vegan Dining Month by Vegans, Baby

Founded in 2020, TiNDLE Foods is a food tech startup developing and commercializing delicious, innovative, and sustainable plant-based food brands. The company’s range of plant-based foods help contribute to a healthier planet – without having to compromise on taste, texture, and overall experience. Its popular flagship product, TiNDLE Chicken, features a distinctive and mouthwatering flavor and is made with simple, non-GMO ingredients. Easy to prepare and rich in flavor, TiNDLE Chicken has caught the eye of culinary professionals and home cooks globally and can be found in popular restaurants and grocery stores across the United States. To learn more and to find TiNDLE near you, visit www.tindle.com or follow on Instagram.


Abbot’s Butcher

Abbot's Butcher vegan dining month sponsor

Abbot’s Butcher crafts nourishing and delicious plant-based meats from 100% real food ingredients. Made simply from peas, vegetables, spices, and extra virgin olive oil, our foods deliver the hearty, meaty bite you crave with up to 18 grams of clean plant protein. Our plant-based meats are also free of gluten, soy, seed oils, and natural/artificial flavors so everyone can enjoy our juicy Chopped Chick’n, smoky “Chorizo”, and savory Ground “Beef” in their favorite dishes dining out or at home.


Hodo is a sponsor of the annual Vegan Dining Month by Vegans, Baby

Hodo is an award-winning plant-based foods company crafting tofu, yuba, and whole-ingredient meat and egg alternatives. From classic tofu to savory delights like our Vegan Egg Scramble and Thai Curry Nuggets, everything we make is delicious and nutrient-dense. We select only organic soybeans and the best ingredients, and true to our farmers’ market roots, we still use traditional methods in our process. So when you’re ready for easy, feel-good meals that will delight you with flavor, try something truly special. Try Hodo. Hodo’s specialties can be found in retailers including Whole Foods Market, Target, Safeway, Natural Grocers, and Stop & Shop.



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