Welcome to the seventh annual Vegan Dining Month taking place in Las Vegas the entire month of January. In conjunction with Veganuary, an international non-profit challenging people to go vegan for the month, Vegans, Baby’s annual event celebrates plant-based dining in the Valley.


This is a guide to all restaurants participating in the 2024 Vegan Dining Month. At the end of the month, each restaurant will donate a portion of the proceeds from their specific dishes below to the Nevada SPCA.

Since 1982, Nevada SPCA is the original lifesaving animal shelter in Las Vegas for over 40 years. They are a local, independent, 501(3)c nonprofit that does not have a government contract or any regular funding from national organizations; they rely entirely on donations from our community.  Nevada SPCA intakes an average of 2500 homeless pets each year including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and pet rats; 65% of their intake is from surrenders by pet owners for a variety of reasons including financial hardship, lease restrictions, pet veterinary costs, family changes, owner’s passing and more, and the remainder of their intake is from transfers from other shelters in Nevada as well as orphan kittens from the streets.  Every animal that enters the shelter is vaccinated, microchipped, spayed or neutered and provided the needed medical care to prepare them for adoption. Nevada SPCA also has a Community Support Desk and Pet Pantry that provides food and low-cost veterinary assistance for families in need to keep pets where they belong: with the owners they love.

Circa Las Vegas

Winter tomato soup – pretzel crisp, basil virgin olive oil 

Park MGM

Mixed greens and apple salad – candied pecans – 20.95

Roasted tomato salad – watercress, olive oil, herb salt – 18.95

Mango sorbet – 9

Park MGM

Best Friend inside Park MGM is vegan-friendly and has plenty of options. For more vegan dining in Las Vegas, visit www.vegansold.wpengine.com

Vegan Prixe Fix menu – 59 per person

Banchan – broccolini and sprouts

Miso squash – seasonal squash, crispy shallots, miso glaze, basil

Veggie fried rice – mushroom, bell pepper, onion, zucchini, soy

Eggplant schnitzel- dijon, soy, mirin

BF super duper shaved ice – coconut, raspberry, assorted fresh fruit, boba, sesame


315 S. Decatur Blvd.

Black and Blue Diner Vegan Dining Month Las Vegas special - 2024

Vegan Chilaquiles –  vegan eggs, tortilla chips, choice of protein, homemade green salsa, sour cream, cheese – 14.99


Mandalay Bay

Border Grill Vegan Dining Month Las Vegas special - 2024

Pom Royal Fizz – cointreau noir, champagne, pom wonderful, vanilla, cinnamon –  16

Roasted “bone” marrow – parsnip, garlic, parmesan, smoked black lava salt chimichurri, crostini, Meyer lemon aioli – 16

Impossible nachos – crispy tortilla chips, piquillo cream, shredded cheeses impossible meat, organic black beans, corn relish guacamole, cashew crema, salsa fresca –  18

Mushroom tamales – duxelle masa, mushroom mole, sautéed winter greens toasted sesame seeds –  30

Squash tacos – achiote roasted squash, tempura squash blossoms mozzarella, chimichurri, rice, beans – 28

Carajillo tres leches – oat, almond, and coconut milks, organic sugar, aquafaba – 12


Park MGM

3 course menu – 38 per person

Choice of: Insalata di rucola – arugula, lemon vinaigrette – or – Insalata Mediterranea – radicchio, romaine hearts, chickpeas, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes

Choice of: Spaghetto al pomodoro – Afeltra Spaghetti di Gragnano IGP, Così Com’e Datterino tomatoes, EVOO, sea salt, fresh basil – or – Pizza Marinara TSG – San Marzano tomato sauce, garlic, oregano, fresh basil, EVOO

Choice of: Limone sorbetto – housemade lemon sorbet – or – Cocco sorbetto – housemade coconut sorbet


5587 S. Rainbow Blvd.

Good Morning kitchen Vegan Dining Month Las Vegas special - 2024

Shrimp Banh Mi- new-wave vegan fried shrimp with carrots, jicama, cucumbers, cilantro, chili oil and a tangy, creamy dressin


Bellagio Las Vegas

Best vegan food in Las Vegas. For more on vegan dining in Las vegas visit vegansbaby.com

Chopped Vegetable Salad – chopped seasonal vegetables, gem lettuce, mustard vin – 21

Flatbread – roasted red pepper hummus, crispy shallot, confit radish, arugula – 22

Tempura sweet potato – Persimmon chutney – 20

Parsnip soup – Brussels sprouts leaves, pumpkin seeds, maple – 20

Campanelle pasta – Acorn squash, sage, candied pecan – 38

Roasted honeynut squash – Beluga lentils, mushroom, salsify chips – 40

Roasted tandoor vegetables – Saffron basmati rice, cucumber raita – 39

Brussels sprouts – Champagne vinaigrette, pomegranate – 18

Crushed potato – Butterball potatoes, chives, arbequina Olive Oil – 15

Sauteed mushroom – local mixed mushroom, aged balsamic – 18

Market Vegetables -seasonal sauteed vegetables, Calamansi citrus oil – 16

Puff Pastry – fig puree, poached pear – 15


740 S. Rampart Blvd.

Hussong's Boca Park Vegan Dining Month Las Vegas special - 2024

Cauliflower Ceviche – Cauliflower, red onion, tomato, cucumber, cilantro, agua chile

Enchiladas – Choice of vegan chicken , beef, or jackfruit, red or green sauce, Mexican rice and black beans

Chocolate Cake – with peanut butter frosting, ice cream, whipped cream and cherry


Park MGM

Vegetable fried rice – carrots, onions, Chinese broccoli, scallions, Shitake, bell pepper – 17.88

Vegetable mee hoon – stir fried rice noodle, mixed vegetables – 17.88

Spicy sweet and sour tofu – Deep fried tofu, bell pepper, jack fruit, basil, onions – 18.88

Salt and pepper tofu- deep fried tofu, house special salt and pepper mix – 18.88

Garlic green beans – stir fried green beans, garlic – 14.88

Coconut cream sorbet – 11.88


Bellagio Las Vegas

The opulent Le Cirque inside Bellagio offers a seasonal vegan menu. For more vegan restaurants and vegan dining suggestions in Las Vegas, visit www.vegansbaby.com/vegansbaby2018

Four course menu – 185 per person

Braised leek salad –  soy agave vinaigrette, black truffle, winter lettuces, olive oil garlic croutons

Butternut squash  rôti – corn velouté, hazelnut crumble, paprika, cilantro

Black truffle and mushroom conchiglionnis – white mushroom cream, garlic and parsley crust, shaved black truffles

La noix de coco – mango sorbet, Japanese pearls, coconut whipped cream



Broccolini bruschetta – macerated raisin, almond cashew “ricotta”- 18

Ancient Grain risotto – Maitake mushroom, Heirloom carrots – 29

Lemon olive oil cake – berries, raspberry sorbet – 14


Bellagio Las Vegas

Picasso is a vegan-friendly restaurant at Bellagio on the Las Vegas Strip. For more vegan dining in Las Vegas visit www.vegansbaby.com

5 course menu – 165 per person

Arugula and Citrus Salad – carrot puree, blood orange, hearts of palm, candied pepitas, citrus vinaigrette

Cashew Pate – cherry coulis, fresh berries, herb salad

Zucchini Risotto – olive tapenade

Mushroom Farci – seitan, salsify puree, roasted root vegetables



Park MGM

Tomato bisque – 13 Avocado toast – Heirloom tomatoes, radish, carrots, cucumber – 15 French toast – cinnamon, vanilla, powdered sugar – 14 Strawberry shortcake – raspberry sorbet, vegan streusel – 14


All locations

Tacotarian Vegan Dining Month Las Vegas special - 2024

Pambazo – diced fried potato, chorizo, lettuce, pico, crema, and queso fresco in a torta roll that’s soaked in red enchilada sauce


9530 S. Eastern Ave.

Vegetable Samosas  – Flour patty stuffed with seasoned and tampered potatoes, garlic, cumin chillies and spices

Chana Masala –  Garbanzo beans cooked in curry sauce with onion, tomatoes, ginger, garlic 

Aloo Vegetables –  Any vegetables sauteed with potatoes, onion, tomatoes and spices 

Yellow Dal Tadka – Lentil stew tampered with curry leaves, mustard seeds, chillies, ginger, garlic 

Roti – Wheat flour dough cooked in tandoor. Can be served with vegan butter or with no butter 

Papadum – Chickpea crackers served with mint chutney and tamarind chutney 


3961 S. Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas; 4950 S. Rainbow Blvd.

TIABI Vegan Dining Month Las Vegas special - 2024


Creme brûlée waffle – House made vanilla bean crème brûlée with strawberries, peaches and vegan almond whipped cream


Gouda BLT – Made with double vegan Gouda cheese melted and served with house made coconut bacon, tomatoes and spring greens 

11261 S. Eastern Ave.

The Stove Vegan Dining Month Las Vegas special - 2024

Avocado toast – avocado spread, tofu eggs, cherry tomatoes, pickled onions, balsamic reduction, chili oil, microgreens – 12


Canyon Ranch Spa

3 course prixe fix – $35 per person

First – cucmber and cilantro spring rolls – shredded  Nappa cabbage and carrots, marinated tofu, shaved red onion, fresh mint, Thai peanut sauce – available a la carte – 10

Second: BBQ Vegan chicken ramen – GF rice noodles, shitake mushrooms, cilantro, ginger, kimchee, caramelized corn, steamed bok choy – available a la carte – 20

Third – Filipino inspired ube cake – vegan cream cheese icing, vanilla gelato, fresh berries – available a la carte – 10

MyForestMyForest Foods sponsor Vegan Dining Month

Allow us to (re)introduce you to our flagship product, MyBacon! You may recognize it from the shelves of your local markets (we’re in 100+ stores in NYC!), but in case we haven’t met, MyBacon is a delicious, plant-based bacon alternative made from mycelium—the vegetative root structure of mushrooms—farm-grown by us in Upstate NY. MyBacon truly tastes, smells, and crunches like traditional bacon. Quotes from last month’s demos include: “Love that the ingredients are clean and straight forward, nothing processed! “WHAAAAT??!! That’s just mushrooms???!” I’m not vegan and I still love it. One of the greatest plant based alternatives out there.” We know you’ll love it too!

Vegan Friendly

Vegan Friendly is a sponsor of the annual Vegan Dining Month by Vegans, Baby

Vegan Friendly stands as a global leader in advocating for the vegan lifestyle, established a decade ago and recently launched in the US. Their primary focus revolves around spreading awareness through international projects, campaigns, and events, and enhancing the accessibility of the vegan lifestyle through their distinctive certification program, tailored to support and boost the growth of vegan and vegan-friendly businesses. With a social media following exceeding 170K and their exclusive Vegan Friendly app, their substantial impact and influence mark them as a key player in promoting a more compassionate world. 

TiNDLE Foods

Tindle is a sponsor of the annual Vegan Dining Month by Vegans, Baby

Founded in 2020, TiNDLE Foods is a food tech startup developing and commercializing delicious, innovative, and sustainable plant-based food brands. The company’s range of plant-based foods help contribute to a healthier planet – without having to compromise on taste, texture, and overall experience. Its popular flagship product, TiNDLE Chicken, features a distinctive and mouthwatering flavor and is made with simple, non-GMO ingredients. Easy to prepare and rich in flavor, TiNDLE Chicken has caught the eye of culinary professionals and home cooks globally and can be found in popular restaurants and grocery stores across the United States. To learn more and to find TiNDLE near you, visit www.tindle.com or follow on Instagram.


Abbot’s Butcher

Abbot's Butcher vegan dining month sponsor

Abbot’s Butcher crafts nourishing and delicious plant-based meats from 100% real food ingredients. Made simply from peas, vegetables, spices, and extra virgin olive oil, our foods deliver the hearty, meaty bite you crave with up to 18 grams of clean plant protein. Our plant-based meats are also free of gluten, soy, seed oils, and natural/artificial flavors so everyone can enjoy our juicy Chopped Chick’n, smoky “Chorizo”, and savory Ground “Beef” in their favorite dishes dining out or at home.


Hodo is a sponsor of the annual Vegan Dining Month by Vegans, Baby

Hodo is an award-winning plant-based foods company crafting tofu, yuba, and whole-ingredient meat and egg alternatives. From classic tofu to savory delights like our Vegan Egg Scramble and Thai Curry Nuggets, everything we make is delicious and nutrient-dense. We select only organic soybeans and the best ingredients, and true to our farmers’ market roots, we still use traditional methods in our process. So when you’re ready for easy, feel-good meals that will delight you with flavor, try something truly special. Try Hodo. Hodo’s specialties can be found in retailers including Whole Foods Market, Target, Safeway, Natural Grocers, and Stop & Shop.



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