From a U2 fan site; Bono speaks briefly about Vegas on Irish radio:

“At this point O’Connor asks Bono, “Would that be Vegas next year?” and Bono answers, “I hope it would be ready. I can’t announce Vegas, you’d have to shoot me. But if it happens, I can promise you it won’t be like anything you’ve ever seen in Las Vegas or anywhere ever. It is the most extraordinary…If it comes off, it’s grand madness by 100. It would centre around Achtung Baby, which we feel we need to really honor. But it will also, but we have to have the new songs out don’t we?” Asked if there would be a residence, Bono replies, “There’s no place yet, big enough. If we can build one for our audience. But it will be, for us to go, it have to be like no one has ever gone before. That sounds a bit Star Trek. Part Star Trek, part traveling salesman. I’ve got some books….”

From there the interviewer returned to talking about the book.

Back in October we were able to share that we had been told by reliable sources that U2’s next performances together as a band were expected to be at the MSG Sphere starting next fall. We were told it is likely these dates at the MSG Sphere will start in September / October and will run for about three months. The venue is still under construction, so dates may still be impacted by any delays in construction. U2 are expected to be playing multiple shows, but these will not be back-to-back shows on consecutive nights. Early rehearsals for these shows will start in the summer. Bono suggested on today’s interview that the performances at the Sphere would only happen if the new music was ready.”


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