Crowds flocked to Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas to catch the making of U2’s new music video, Atomic City. Released on September 29, 2023, the band expressed the unique vitality of Sin City through passionate lyrics and an entrancing performance. The music video backdrop beautifully displays the city’s lights and exudes the energy Vegas is so well known for. It was surely a sight to see, with the venue of Fremont Street perfectly embodying the core of Vegas nightlife. 

A shot of the crowd and Circa hotel from U2's Atomic City music video.

Their latest music video captures the essence of the band’s powerful and emotive music. U2 continues to push boundaries and deliver thought-provoking content and captivating performances while staying true to their anthemic sound. These Rock n’ Roll Hall of Famers have been creating music that resonates with audiences and tackles themes such as love, resilience and social justice, and Atomic City is no exception. 

U2 perfectly captures the energy and excitement that Las Vegas is so well known for. Their music video shot on Fremont Street not only highlights their remarkable talent but is also a testament to their longstanding commitment to music that has meaning. With their enduring artistry and captivating performances, it is no mystery why this rock, post-punk, alternative band became one of the world’s best-selling music artists and has been loved for decades. 

Bono’s distinct and powerful vocals, combined with the rest of the band’s individual talents, create a vibrant landscape that captivates and evokes emotion from fans worldwide. 

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Las Vegas hotels featured in Atomic City

Many Las Vegas hotels and casinos compose parts of the music video’s backdrop. The stunning architecture of these marvels is part of what makes Vegas such an infamous location. Not only are they unique in their structure design, but the expertly coordinated lights and ostentatious interior truly encompass the air exuded in Vegas and just goes to show why it is the perfect location to shoot epic music videos. 

Partner casinos and hotels featured in the music video offer a balanced blend of entertainment and indulgence. Visitors can embark on a memorable journey with exceptional amenities, gripping gambling experiences and second-to-none entertainment. 

Circa Resort & Casino

In one of the opening scenes of Atomic City, Circa Resort & Casino can be seen illuminating the makeshift stage, its lights bright and shining as the camera moves to capture U2 in Las Vegas. This amazing resort and casino is a Las Vegas staple and home of the world’s largest sports book. The fantastical amenities of Circa don’t stop there; with six rooftop pools and a two-level casino, you can stroll down Fremont Street and see why U2 shot their music video here and enjoy the fun and uniqueness of the Circa Resort & Casino. 

Golden Gate Hotel & Casino

Another legendary hotel and casino that you can glimpse in Atomic City is the Golden Gate. The song pays tribute to the late 70s rock n’ roll, and you can feel that vibe in every chord. While the Golden Gate isn’t known for its commitment to the ultimate age of rock n’ roll, it is dedicated to keeping the memories and atmosphere of the 30s alive by blending today’s technology and the flapper era into a unique experience. Their legacy spans since the birth of Las Vegas in 1906 and can be found in the hotel’s nooks and crannies. Atomic City recognizes the importance and greatness of the past, and so does the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino. Although the Golden Gate stems a little farther back than the 70’s, both work to keep the vibrant past alive. 

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Main Street Station Casino, Brewery and Hotel

Catch a glimpse of Main Street Station in U2’s latest music video. It is surely a great way to not only feel the music but to live it as well. You can check out the unique collection of authentic antiques and a variety of entertainment. This little slice of fun is Sin City’s best-kept secret, and you’ll love every minute. 

Viva Vision Light Show

While watching the video, you can’t help but be mesmerized by the brilliant Viva Vision Light Show. This free attraction is a remarkable display that illuminates the Fremont Street Experience. The light show boasts technicolor and dramatic visuals, transforming Fremont Street into a hypnotic wonderland. 

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You can catch glimpses of the hair-raising Slotzilla zipline soaring above the bustling street below. You can feel the adrenaline rush as you fly between the fabulous casinos and hotels of Fremont Street that Las Vegas is so well known for. The notorious zipline in Las Vegas is the perfect way to channel your inner rock star as you race above the crowd. 

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Dive into the riveting music video by U2, soak in the enthralling Viva Vision Light Show and discover partner hotels and casinos where the magic of Fremont Street truly comes alive. You won’t help but be enchanted by the ultimate Vegas experience!

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