The Blue Man Group is the most unusual show you will ever see in Las Vegas. Their 105-minute theatrical events contain art, science, music, and humor. The three blue brothers will give you a sensory overload and audiovisual experience unlike any you have seen on the Las Vegas Strip before.

However, many people wonder if there are shows similar to Blue Man Group in Las Vegas. The answer is “yes” because Las Vegas has several other strange and unusual productions with visual and audio presentations that are sure to overload your senses. They may not copy the same style and format as Blue Man Group, but they can entertain audiences with quick-change illusions, mystery, music, and unconventional fun.

The Current Shows Like Blue Man Group In Las Vegas

If you like the entertainment style of the Blue Man Group, then you’ll be happy to know there are at least five shows like Blue Man Group in Las Vegas. These shows also use art, music, and creativity to entertain audiences too. Of course, some of them are more similar to Blue Man Group than others, but you’ll still have a great time regardless of which ones you choose to see during your Las Vegas trip. Here are the top eight shows like Blue Man Group.

1) Criss Angel Mindfreak

Criss Angel Mindfreak

Criss Angel Mindfreak is a great show to see if you’re looking for Shows similar to Blue Man Group. Like the Blue Man Group show in Las Vegas, Criss Angel Mindfreak also features unworldly illusions and music which mesmerizes audiences. Criss Angel demonstrates more than 75 illusions during his presentation, some known and some never seen before. The best part is that he uses innovative technology to create a more immersive experience for his audiences.

Attending the 90-minute Criss Angel Mindfreak show at the Criss Angel Theater in Planet Hollywood Resort will bring you to a different reality. It is similar to how the three bald blue men of the Blue Man Group can bring their audiences to a different reality. Criss Angel is best known for performing fast eye-catching illusions suitable for audiences who are 10 years of age and older.

2) Jabbawockeez


Jabbawockeez certainly belongs on the list of shows like Blue Man Group because you don’t get to see the true faces of the performers. The blue makeup on the Blue Man Group performers makes it challenging to know what they look like in real life. As for the Jabbawockeez performers, they wear masks rather than makeup to disguise their actual appearances. They are white masks intended to make all the performers look the same so that audiences don’t think about race, ethnicity, or culture during the 75-minute show. As a result, audiences view the performers as equal.

Jabbawockeez is a comical show with numerous new and classic dance-audio routines that will leave you in awe. They may be more upbeat than the Blue Man Group because the Jabbawockeez performers love demonstrating their energy and flexibility when dancing on stage. Their moves are well-choreographed and stunning to the point where you won’t be able to take your eyes off them from start to finish. 

You can see the Jabbawockeez show at the Jabbawockeez Theater of the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. Like the Blue Man Group, the Jabbawockeez show is suitable for children and adults of all ages. There are no age restrictions for guests attending the show. 

3) Mystere

Mystère by Cirque du Soleil

The legendary Cirque du Soleil production company probably has the most shows like Blue Man Group in Las Vegas. Everyone knows that Cirque du Soleil has the best shows in Las Vegas, and Mystere is no exception. It is one of Cirque du Soleil’s first and most famous resident shows in Las Vegas and has had a nearly 30-year run in Sin City. You won’t want to miss it.

The Mystere show storyline focuses on the origins of human life on Earth. Audiences go on a 90-minute journey of exploration through the depths of human life and its role in the universe. The story might sound spiritually profound, but it also comes with a plethora of entertainment too. You’ll see musicians, clowns, acrobats, dancers, original creatures, vibrant colors, and two giant babies. Have you ever seen another show with all these elements in one place?

The Mystere show is performed at the Mystere Theatre of the Treasure Island Hotel in Las Vegas. There is no age restriction to see the show, so bring the whole family and enjoy.

4) Tape Face

Tape Face Show

Tape Face is another show like Blue Man Group in Las Vegas, where the performer is mysterious and silent. When the Tape Face character comes out on stage, you’ll see a man with dark circles around his eyes, a white face, and a big piece of black tape over his mouth. He might look scary on the surface, but he is actually funny and gothic-looking.

Tape Face puts on a 90-minute performance at Harrah’s Cabaret in the Harrah’s Hotel in Las Vegas. He is an unusual and eccentric comedian like the three blue men of the Blue Man Group. The difference is that Tape Face is more of a comedian than the Blue Man Group, despite not saying a single word or making a single joke to his audience. It is best to think of the Blue Man Group as an enigmatic comedian who acts like a royal jester and does outrageous stunts to draw laughter.

5) Xavier Mortimer’s Magical Dream

Xavier Mortimer’s Magical Dream

Xavier Mortimer is a master illusionist and former member of the legendary Cirque du Soleil production company. He knows the inside secrets of what it takes to put on a mesmerizing performance with stunning magic and mystery. Xavier Mortimer’s Magical Dream is one of the more popular family shows in Las Vegas, like the Blue Man Group. Both shows use creative ways to shock and entertain audiences.

You won’t see any outdated tricks at Xavier Mortimer’s Magical Dream show at the STRAT Theater of the STRAT Hotel in Las Vegas. Instead, Xavier loves to demonstrate original and creative magic tricks while using his illusions to tell a poetic storyline. Many people have seen his magic acts through his online videos, but there is nothing like watching them live in person.

6) WOW – The Vegas Spectacular

WOW – The Vegas Spectacular

WOW – The Vegas Spectacular is a family-friendly show like Blue Man Group in Las Vegas. Not only does it have uniqueness and creativity, but it also has multimedia magic, theatrical lighting, and water stages. WOW – The Vegas Spectacular is a 90-minute production with physical prowess, magic tricks, and unusual entertainment for audiences four years and older.

You can see WOW in the Rio Showroom of the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas. The performers are larger-than-life individuals who love performing on stage together. They provide a well-choreographed supershow with non-stop entertainment for the entire 90 minutes. They’ll perform extraordinary feats, death-defying acrobatic stunts, and immersive audience interaction. You and your family will love everything about WOW.

7) Ka

KÀ Cirque du Soleil Show

Cirque du Soleil’s Ka tells an incredible cinematic storyline at the KA Theatre of the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. The two main characters are imperial twins who grow up not knowing each other because they get separated at a young age. However, the twins go on their separate adventurous journeys through life and encounter love and conflict along the way. It is a 90-minute show filled with mesmeric music, stunning imagery, incredible acrobatic stunts, and thrilling visual demonstrations.

There is probably no show more rewarding than Ka because it holds a special place in the history of Cirque du Soleil productions. In addition, Ka is similar to shows like Blue Man Group because they are original, mysterious, fun, and entertaining. It is the kind of show where you can bring family members and friends and have a great time together.

8) Late Night Magic

Late Night Magic Show Las Vegas

Late Night Magic features multi-talented illusionist and performer Douglas “Lefty” Leferovich. He is the host magician who demonstrates some of his renowned illusions before introducing other talented and famous magicians. The 65-minute show features a roundup of various magicians with unique magic tricks and illusions to showcase to the audience.

Late Night Magic is one of the best magic shows similar to Blue Man Group because of the mystery and suspense. You’ll see magicians lighting themselves on fire, performing sleight-of-hand tricks, macabre, and causing snack chips to attach. The variety of illusions and magic make Late Night Magic a must-see for adults 21 years or older.


Las Vegas is the best place to find shows like Blue Man Group. No other city has the same unusual and creative entertainment as Las Vegas. It is a one-of-a-kind city that attracts the most skilled and unique performers like Blue Man Group. All your experiences watching the shows above will be different, but they will leave you as thrilled and mystified as if you had watched a Blue Man Group performance. 


I spent many years traveling the globe and visiting some of the world’s most magnificent cities, including Paris, Rome, Tokyo, Shanghai, London, and Las Vegas.

When I visited Las Vegas for the first time, I was immediately attracted to the glamour and magic of Sin City. It was unlike any other city I had ever visited because of its bright lights, beautiful hotel resorts, and the variety of entertainment shows and tourist activities.

One visit was all it took for me to move to Las Vegas and make it my primary residence. Since then, I have made it my mission to share everything beautiful and outstanding about Las Vegas with the rest of the world. That way, people will be encouraged to visit Las Vegas and experience the city’s magic for themselves.

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