Las Vegas doesn’t necessarily have a reputation for producing family-style entertainment. However, you’d be surprised to learn how many family dinner shows in Las Vegas exist. They are perfect events for adults and children because the food and entertainment choices accommodate the interests of all age groups. 

What entertainment genres would you enjoy the most at family dinner shows in Vegas? The most popular genres amongst family shows include comedy, magic, musicals, singing, and acrobatics. If these genres seem fun and exciting to watch, you and your family will have a wonderful time in Las Vegas.

The 6 Best Family Dinner Shows In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is becoming the number one destination spot for families. The local production companies are catching on to this fact, which is why they are creating more family friendly shows to cater to the growing tourist demographic in Sin City. The only thing better than a family friendly show in Las Vegas is one that serves dinner too! That is why we’ve compiled a list of the top Las Vegas family dinner shows for your convenience. Below are the top 6 Las Vegas dinner shows for families.  

1) Marriage Can Be Murder

Marriage Can Be Murder

Marriage Can Be Murder is one of the best dinner shows in Vegas because it is a murder mystery and comedy rolled up in one show. Audience members can enjoy good humor, unique entertainment, and delicious food with their families. Where else do you get the opportunity to solve a murder while eating lemon buttered chicken breast and bacon almond green beans?

Do you remember the movie and board game “Clue?” Imagine an eccentric version of Clue placed into an interactive murder mystery and comedy dinner experience at The Venue of the Orleans Hotel in las Vegas. Guests watch the show from banquet tables as they get served their complimentary dinners. First, come the warm rolls and mixed salad, followed by the chicken, red potatoes, and beans.

Children will love Marriage Can Be Murder because of the interactive element of the show. If your children love playing games, they will appreciate the chance to play along with the murder mystery and attempt to identify the killer. Each guest receives a game card to write down the names of the murderer, their victims, and the murderer’s motive.

A total of four killings occur throughout the 120-minute show. You and your family members will enjoy the suspense and comedy elements of the murder mystery because they will keep you thinking and entertained from beginning to end.

2) V – The Ultimate Variety Show

V - The Ultimate Variety Show

Prepare yourself for 75 minutes of non-stop adrenaline at the V Theater in the Miracle Mile Shops of Planet Hollywood Resort. V – The Ultimate Variety Show is also unlike other family shows in Vegas because of its fast-paced and exciting entertainment variety. You’ll see non-stop action and performances from jugglers, dancers, skaters, comedians, magicians, and gymnasts.

What’s funny is that V – The Ultimate Variety Show has a more understandable storyline than other dinner shows for families in Las Vegas. So if you want to bring young children to see the show, they should be able to follow along with the storyline quite well. It is always better when children understand the story because it will keep them interested in the entire show from start to finish.

You can enjoy a delicious meal at Pampas Brazilian Grille or Lombardi’s Restaurant if you purchase the Las Vegas dinner package with your show tickets. Pampas Brazilian Grille features food choices like roasted herb chicken, carved top sirloin w/ pan gravy, or grilled salmon w/ malagueta sauce. Lombardi’s Restaurant offers pan-seared tilapia, fettuccine alfredo, chicken marsala, and rigatoni Bolognese.

3) Tournament of Kings

Tournament of Kings

Tournament of Kings is amongst the most action-packed Las Vegas family dinner shows. Most children and adults love a good action-based performance. Don’t worry because Tournament of Kings doesn’t show brutal fighting with blood and gore. Instead, it is action-based mock fighting suitable for children’s eyes.

The arena is divided into multiple sections of countries, with a king representing each section. You don’t actually have to be from a particular country to sit in a specific section in the arena. It is all part of the show because each king is supposed to be from a different country.

Audience members get treated to a delicious dinner of Cornish hen, rolls, apple desserts, corn on the cob, and red roasted potatoes. Then, as you eat your hearty food and cheer on the king of your seating section, you’ll watch gladiators and knights battle it out in the middle of the arena.

The actors playing the knights and gladiators put on a spectacular action-packed performance consisting of sword fighting, jousting, and other medieval-type battles. It will be the closest thing to the Middle Ages and medieval times you’ll ever experience.

In addition, your children will learn a valuable history lesson from the show while enjoying the entertainment. There is no age restriction to see the Tournament of Kings at the Excalibur Hotel. The show length is 90 minutes, and dinner will be served during it.

4) Mystere By Cirque du Soleil

Mystère by Cirque du Soleil

Mystere is the best Cirque du Soleil show in Vegas for family dinners. Audiences are pulled into a surreal reality of out-of-this-world acrobats and costumed characters like you’ve never seen before. Only a Cirque du Soleil could find a way to entertain audiences with feather-covered bird people and an inflatable snail. But, of course, there are many more characters to enjoy in the show.

There is no age restriction to see Mystere at the Mystere Theatre in the Treasure Island Hotel. Your children will love the odd-looking characters and performers because they certainly do an excellent job of capturing the imaginations of everyone in the theater. A cast of approximately 67 international artists carries this 90-minute imaginative production with athleticism, dazzling lights, and death-defying stunts. It will be a show that you and your kids will remember forever.

Mystere guests have the option to purchase a buffet dinner at The Buffet of the Treasure Island Hotel. The buffet has a little of every type of food imaginable for guests to enjoy. But if you’d prefer Mexican American-style cuisine, you can have a complimentary dinner at Senor Frogs at the Treasure Island Hotel. Senor Frogs serves delicious Mexican dishes like fajitas platter, steak tacos, and the restaurant’s signature humungous burger.

5) The Rat Pack is Back!

The Rat Pack is Back

The Rat Pack is Back! gives family friendly dinner shows in Las Vegas a whole new name. Talented impressionists and singers do an excellent job emulating the three legendary “Rat Pack” singers, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, and Frank Sinatra, at the Copa Room of the Tuscany Suites Hotel. The show is 75 minutes of pure entertainment that you and your family won’t want to miss.

Your children have probably never heard of the Rat Pack group from the 1960s because they came way before their generation. However, the Rat Pack is Back! is an appealing show to people of all age groups regardless of whether they have heard of the Rat Pack or not.

The performers revive classic Rat Pack songs like “That Old Black Magic,” “Candy Man,” “New York, New York,” “Luck Be a Lady,” and “Lady is a Tramp.” So if your children have never heard of these songs, they will become big fans after hearing them. The seven-piece Lon Bronson orchestra accompanies the vocals and adds charismatic toe-tapping music to the performances. 

The dinner package earns you a dinner at the Tuscany Gardens Italian Restaurant in the Tuscany Suites Hotel. Food choices on the menu include filet of beef, spaghetti Bolognese, chicken marsala, fettuccine alfredo with chicken, Caesar salad, and eggplant lasagna.

6- All Motown

All Motown

All Motown is more than a musical tribute show to the greatest female legends of Motown Records. It is also a family dinner show for children and adults to enjoy at the Athena Showlounge of the Alexis Park All Suite Resort Hotel in Las Vegas. Whenever you get a chance to take your loved ones to family dinner shows in Las Vegas, you should take advantage of the opportunity because they are lovely.

All Motown offers you a chance to eat at the on-site restaurant at the Alexis Park All Suite Resort Hotel if you purchase the dinner and show package with your reservation. Then you can start your night by attending the show and witnessing the energetic vocals and passion of the Duchesses of Motown quartet. These talented ladies bring to life the legendary songs and music of Motown’s female icons like Gladys Knight, The Supremes, and The Marvelettes.

The Athena Showlounge is intimate, with tables and chairs near the center stage. No matter where you sit in the show lounge, you’ll be close to the wonderfully talented female singers on stage. It is a high-energy production that revives the magic and excitement of Motown’s best female performers. The Duchesses of Motown quartet does a splendid job of delivering the same soul and heart as the original Motown performers. Even if your family has never heard of Motown music before, they will become instant fans once the 75-minute show is over.

FAQs About Family Friendly Dinner Shows in Las Vegas

What are Las Vegas dinner shows for families?

Family dinner shows in Las Vegas offer complimentary meals and family-style entertainment. No adult-oriented or obscene entertainment content is displayed at any family dinner shows in Vegas. So feel free to bring your children to these shows and enjoy good quality entertainment that appeals to people of all ages.

What are the best family dinner shows in Las Vegas?

The best Las Vegas dinner shows for families are Tournament of Kings, Marriage Can Be Murder, V – The Ultimate Variety Show, The Rat Pack is Back!, and Mystere by Cirque du Soleil. They offer delicious food choices, great music, affordable prices, and fun for the entire family.

What kind of food is on the menu at Las Vegas family dinner shows?

Las Vegas family dinner shows never fail to disappoint when it comes to their dinner menus. They have all kinds of delicious foods, including Cornish game hen, steamed broccoli, red potatoes, apple square deserts, ice cream, mixed spring salads, buttery mashed potatoes, bacon almond green beans, lemon-buttered grilled chicken breast, corn on the cob, and more.

Each family dinner show in Vegas has dinner menus with unique food choices. You might want to investigate the menus before planning your trip. Then you can decide which dinner shows will come with the most appetizing food choices for you and your family.


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