Southwest Gas officials should be ashamed of themselves. I paid $244 last month and $320 this month, and I live alone in a 1,700-square-foot house. I set my temperature at 71 degrees, I don’t cook much, take only one shower a day and hardly use the dryer. My friend’s gas bill in California was $25 and the house is 2,500 square feet with a family of three.

And what about car insurance? Nevada is the second-highest in the country, followed by New York. No, we don’t pay a state income tax, but I guess they find a way to our wallets (groceries, car insurance, utilities, gasoline). Social Security gave us only a 3.5 percent raise, but that got consumed before I opened my first bill.

Not to be political, but we need help with this country. I served in the military and believed this was the best country in the world. It was at one time. It’s never too late to turn things in the right direction.

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