SlotZilla Zipline view over the Fremont Street Experience

The SlotZilla Zoomline had us soaring high over the Fremont Street Experience at speeds up to 40 MPH. | Photo by FamilyVacationHub

SlotZilla Zipline Flying Above Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas

If you and the kids are looking for some thrills on your next trip to Las Vegas, how about ziplining high above Downtown Vegas. Depending on you and your kids desire for thrills, there are two choices of ziplines available that will each give you a different experience and thrill level. For the families with older kids that are looking for the ultimate thrill we recommend the SlotZilla Zoomline and for those with younger kids or those just opting for a little less heart pounding, we recommend the SlotZilla Zipline.

SlotZilla Zipline and SlotZilla Zoomline are on the outskirts of Downtown Las Vegas. Just east of the Fremont Street Experience you will see the 12-story SlotZilla launch tower, which is shaped like a huge slot machine, is very retro Vegas in its appearance with a palm tree, dice, a flamingo, old school show girls, slot reels, gold coins and a giant slot machine arm. You can buy tickets online or head into the SlotZilla ticket office to pick some up.

SlotZilla Zipline Launch Tower

The slot machine shaped launch tower of the SlotZilla Zipline and Zoomline. | Photo Courtesy of SlotZilla

Each of the zipline rides are scheduled in 20 minute blocks, so just pick a ride time slot and head on over to the tower when its your time. There are only a certain number of riders per time slot, so unless you pre-book your ride, you might have to be flexible on your time choice. Once you are inside they will weigh you to make sure you make the weight restrictions for each of the SlotZilla zipline rides. After that you will head up the stairs and get fitted for your zipline harness as well as fill your belongings bag that will ride with you and keep your stuff (and the people on the street) safe. Once you are harnessed up, you will take a freight elevator up to your launching spot.

SlotZilla Zoomline

The Slotzilla Zoomline starts at over 10 stories up, has riders riding in a prone Superman style flying position, travels at speeds up to 40 MPH and runs the entire length of the Fremont Street Experience which is about 1,750 feet. Heading down the ZoomLine at night might have you zipping through Fremont Street while the Viva Vision light show is going on to give you an even more spectacular view of Downtown Las Vegas.

Slotzilla Zoomline Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas

Flying fast over the Fremont Street Experience at night provides that extra excitement to your ride. | Photo by FamilyVacationHub

SlotZilla Zoomline Video

Here is the GoPro video view of our ride down the SlotZilla Zoomline. Around the 38 second mark you will see us flying over the landing area for the SlotZilla Zipline. For a better sense of what it is like to ride the zipline, change the setting to the 1080p HD version, view it full screen and turn up the volume.

SlotZilla Zipline

The Slotzilla Zipline starts at about half the height as the Zoomline, 77 feet, has riders in a more traditional zipline seated position and runs halfway down the Fremont Street Experience. We recommend this zipline for those families with younger kids, as the minimum weight is 60lbs compared to the Zoomline’s 100lb weight minimum.

SlotZilla Zipline riders

Riders leaving the launch tower on the SlotZilla Zipline. | Photo courtesy of SlotZilla

A Check Off Of The Bucket List

While I myself am not a huge fan of heights, this was a thrilling experience that was well worth it. We thoroughly enjoyed our Zoomline ride over Downtown Las Vegas and consider it a must do for those looking for some thrills. Check out our Las Vegas Bucket List for over 50 mild to wild things to do during your visit.

SlotZilla Zipline and Zoomline Links & Information

Zipline riders must weigh between 50-300 lbs., and under 6’8″ in height. Zoomline riders must weigh between 80-300 lbs., and under 6’8″ in height. Riders under 13 years of age must be accompanied by a rider 13 or older.

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We were provided media passes to Slotzilla Zoomline for the purpose of reviewing it on our blog. Regardless, we would only recommend places, activities or services that we would use/visit personally and that we believe will be good for our readers.

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