After vetoing Democrat-led legislation that would have invested in students and kept communities safe, Lombardo unseriously called for community safety and vague K-12 standards such as “setting high expectations for students” without providing any meaningful details. Maybe Lombardo is short on specifics because the details would expose that much of what he is calling for would have already been accomplished if not for his record-breaking number of vetoes.

SHOT: Lombardo vetoed SB340, which would have provided free summer school for all students. 

CHASER: Lombardo calls vaguely for “improving childhood literacy” and “preparing students for college.”

SHOT: Last year, Lombardo attempted to roll back a 2019 reform bill that aimed to reduce a ballooning prison population and reduce recidivism and vetoed common-sense gun legislation that would have kept Nevada families safe and protected our law enforcement officers and communities (SB171, AB354, AB355).

CHASER: Lombardo’s three-year scam calls for reducing recidivism. 

LIME: It took him more than a year in office to come up with this campaign scheme now that it’s an election year.


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