Joined by Dr. Angelo DiLullo, your favorite ‘pair-o-docs’ dive into the paradox of self-emptying, where the journey to feeling truly recognized sparks a liberation beyond the boundaries of the ego. Plus a whole lotta taint talk 😂

As promised, here’s the infamous ‘Taint Episode’ 🥳 

Topics & Timecodes:

00:00 Taints (AKA The Perineum, if you’re nasty)

06:12 Anger, reactivity, root beliefs, the illusion of control

16:52 Identity, no separation, energetic “knowing”

23:55 Deep stage awakening, the illusion of the physical world

31:35 The “flavor” of consciousness, unbound consciousness as a tool

41:19 Specialness, hide & seek, avoidance, neutrality

52:50 Emptiness of self, feeling seen

1:01:16 Fixations and the role of a spiritual teacher, delusive hindrance

1:12:29 Formless non-duality, no-self letting go, the well of grief


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