Ahead of Vice President Kamala Harris’ visit to Nevada today, here’s a reminder that Trump failed Nevada’s Latino community miserably. From destroying the economy and demonizing immigrants to working to rip away health care and blocking common sense gun safety legislation, it’s clear that Donald Trump failed to deliver for Nevada’s Latino families.

Donald Trump was a disaster for Nevada’s Latino families – and he wants to double down:

  • Trump’s tax scam made sure that the richest 1% received a tax cut 281 times greater than what the average Latino family received – and he wants to expand it, hurting hard-working Nevadans in the process..
  • Trump is committed to repealing the Affordable Care Act, despite the law leading to historic coverage gains in the Latino community. If he’s successful, up to 225,400 Latinos in Nevada could lose their health coverage.
  • Trump has promised to repeal the Inflation Reduction Act, which would raise health insurance premiums and insulin costs for Latino families – when Latino Medicare beneficiaries, including seniors, are roughly 1.5 times as likely as white beneficiaries to have trouble affording the medication necessary to treat diabetes and other critical medical conditions.
  • Trump told Americans they needed toget over itin response to a school shooting and gave into the gun lobby who pushed him to block commonsense gun safety legislation. The worst mass shooting in America’s history occurred in Las Vegas.
  • Trump’s allies are plotting to cut federal assistance that will increase the cost of purchasing a home for millions of Americans, after Trump spent years trying to gut rental assistance and programs to make housing more affordable.
  • Trump has promised to rule as a “dictator on day one” and plans to do just that by implementing an inhumane immigration agenda of mass deportations and building detention camps – all after killing a tough and fair bipartisan deal that would have reformed America’s immigration system while securing our border.


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