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Background and Why We Decided to Head to Vegas
Before we get into the chart-toppers and deep cuts of this album, I’d like to provide a little background about myself and my family. I’d also like to provide insight into what prompted our move from NW Wisconsin to Sin City.

My bride, our three teenage minions, three cats, one dog, and I had a cozy and comfortable existence, close to most of our relatives.
My bride and I were both happy with our careers. The minions had been going to our small-town school since pre-kindergarten. I had a great hobby of taking pictures of snow to show @Geogran.

So why did we move?
I was not :nono: run out of town for surpassing the local legal limit of Dad Jokes! (Although I have received warnings from time to time.) :D

My bride and I both had yearning for adventure that lasted longer than our trips to Vegas or Florida. My bride was hoping for a warmer climate and I was hoping for an area where we could enjoy ourselves and make a difference. Vegas checked all of those boxes.

In early February of last year, we were talking over lunch :feedme: and the idea of moving came up. We invited a real estate professional to come over to do a walk-through and take inventory of what we had. We came out of the experience with some very positive feedback and a few suggestions for improvements. We decided to go for it!

We shocked :eek: our family and friends with our news. Most were very happy for us to be in the position to be able to try something new and exciting in our lives.

The next couple of months were a whirlwind of activity :faint: as we prepared to put our home on the market. It was not on the market very long.

We started the process of finding employment in our respective fields (education and nursing) almost immediately after our decision to move. At the time of our move my bride and I were both (still) waiting for our respective Nevada state licensures to come through so we could officially accept positions in Vegas. :eek:

We reserved an Airbnb near The STRAT for our first handful of days in town. And through an online friend, my bride found a place for us to rent in Winchester (near Boulder Highway) for the month of August.

So for the first part of our move we were truly “livin’ on a prayer!” :faint: It (We) was (were) crazy, but things began to fall into place shortly thereafter.

We closed on a Friday in late July and rolled out of town minutes later :biker: to begin the biggest adventure of our lives!

Please stay tuned! :cool:


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