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Is there a free shuttle to/from the strip???
I really hate the idea of paying $20 (or more) each way only to see that Its the same barren casino it used to be with a few more lights turned on and a new paint job.
So far it sounds like it is just a cleaned up version of what is was before.. So to me that is something that is easily attainable on the strip.
Here is my question

1) Are the odds for gaming better then the strip or the same?
2) Are prices of restaurants cheaper then the strip?
3) Is there a new $1 casino chip (this is a reason for me to check it out to add to my collection)
4) Is there a new amazing show to bring people in to see?
5) Did the Buffet come back?
6) Is the dancing girls for the table games back?

Basically I want to know what it offers me that I cant already get by just staying on the strip.
There is food halls all over the place, New slot machines everywhere (I would argue that it would be more of a pull to say you have the “old” slot machines), Renovated rooms are the norm although I will give Rio a nod here as the rooms are very large. If you are essentially offering what the strip offers I need a free shuttle to pull me there so I don’t feel like I am down time and money before I even get to your casino.

I really want to like the idea of the Rio makeover but I just cant see anything yet that will pull me off the strip.


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