Located at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Purple Reign is an award-winning Prince tribute show starring both Donelvan Thigpen and Jason Tenner as Prince. With the dazzling outfits, unforgettable songs, and awe-inspiring visuals, it is no surprise that anyone would want to find Purple Reign Discount Tickets. After all, Las Vegas is the only city in the world known for its abundance of world-class entertainment.

Purple Reign Las Vegas discount tickets aren’t easy to find, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t searched high and low to find you all of the best deals! Keep reading to find out how to save, where to save, and what sites you should avoid if you want to see the show without overpaying.

Purple Reign Discount Tickets

10 Easy Ways To Save Big On Purple Reign Tickets

Lowest Price Guaranteed!

It’s not impossible to find Purple Reign Vegas discount tickets – you just have to know where to find them! Luckily, you’re here, and we have all of the answers regarding how you can save big on tickets to one of the best Prince tribute shows on the Las Vegas Strip.

#1 Purchase Tickets In Advance

Sometimes particular websites will provide daily ticket discounts for performances, but we do not suggest relying on this tactic. If there aren’t enough seats available on the day you want to see the event, you could have to pay more for a ticket.

The best advice we can give is to prepare ahead and shop around for the best deal on your tickets before booking tickets. Even though Vegas.com is known for its unbelievable prices, you can still get additional deals on the Purple Reign by reading the other recommendations we’ve provided! The smartest place to start your journey is Vegas.com.

#2 Check Groupon For Deals

Although Purple Reign is one of the most well-known impersonator shows in Las Vegas, there are methods to obtain Purple Reign discount tickets on Groupon. Fortunately, the well-known bargains website is currently having a sale with tickets starting at just $62!

You’ll need to keep an eye on this potential deal because they can have restrictions and sell out rapidly. Review the terms and restrictions of the offer carefully before making a purchase. Remember that Groupon sells ticket vouchers as well. In order to guarantee that you can reserve all of your tickets, you’ll have to check in with the show. 

#3 Look For Local Deal

By visiting Vegas4Locals.com, locals can find Vegas shows discount tickets. Sometimes locals in the Las Vegas region can purchase a few tickets for a small fraction of what tourists must pay. However, the website is currently providing a fascinating offer for cheap Purple Reign Vegas Las Vegas tickets.

No matter where you live, you can get tickets for just $45. Although this is a fantastic offer, the website doesn’t always provide cheap tickets to Vegas shows. If you want to purchase your tickets at a discounted price, keep an eye on the website and move swiftly. There are still many ways to save money, so don’t worry if you miss this deal. If you have missed your chance to save on a local discount, you can find a similar or better deal at Vegas.com.

#4 Get Your Tickets From The Source

Purple Reign performs at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino’s Legends In Concert Theater. The 75-minute performance begins at 9:30 PM and ends there. The hotel’s website offers tickets for purchase if you want to attend the performance. If you’re organized, purchasing your tickets directly can assist you in making sure you’re not being overcharged.

Now, the only downside to purchasing your tickets directly from the Tropicana’s website is that the tickets are sold through Ticketmaster – which is most known for its high fees and taxes. Tickets start around $64 and can go as high as almost $110 without the added taxes and fees. If tickets are sold out elsewhere, this may be an okay place to buy your tickets, but there are certainly better ways to snag Las Vegas discount tickets – Vegas.com is a great place to start for the best rates!

#5 Purple Reign Discount Tickets From Vegas.com | Lowest Price Guaranteed!

One of our top places to buy tickets to concerts in Las Vegas is Vegas.com. They not only have some of the lowest prices available, but they also have a wealth of knowledge about each and every performance. Purple Reign Las Vegas discount tickets for only $45. There are no hidden costs, unlike other discount websites, even though this pricing may not seem to be the most reasonable.

Vegas.com is a website you can visit for the greatest information on Las Vegas tribute shows. It has reviews, videos, a detailed description of each performance, and even information on how many tickets are remaining for each event. There is no better way to learn more about the shows you plan on seeing on your next trip to Las Vegas, Nevada.

#6 Be Wary Of Resale Sites

For Las Vegas performances and entertainment, there are various resale ticket websites. Although some of these websites currently provide coupons or discounts, it doesn’t necessarily follow that these are the best choices.

These discounts frequently come and go, just like those offered by other flash bargain websites. If you need last-minute Purple Reign Las Vegas tickets, it’s wise to check out other ticket sellers rather than relying solely on this one, even though they occasionally have some of the best prices, but this is usually right before the show is going to start and sellers are eager to get rid of their tickets.

#7 Visit Vegas When It’s Less Busy

Even Las Vegas experiences some downtime! Finding inexpensive entertainment tickets is much simpler during these slower tourist seasons when there are fewer visitors. Off-seasons are typically the weeks around the end and beginning of the year, such as the week after Thanksgiving and the final few weeks of December into January.

Because ticket costs are determined by demand, rates are typically lower when traveling is slow. This makes it the perfect time to visit Las Vegas and see all of the shows on your list. Think of all of the fun you can have with all of that extra cash! To ensure you will save money on your show tickets, make sure to take a look at ticket prices for the dates you plan to visit.

#8 Discounts For Military Members

Although the Tropicana Las Vegas does provide military discounts for lodging and other services, we were unable to locate any that applied to performance tickets. So, this is what we advise! Use your discount to book a room at fantastic prices if you are a military member, active, or retired.

After that, visit a coupon website like Vegas.com to obtain absurdly low ticket prices! We think that this is an unbeatable win-win scenario. You not only save a great deal of money on your hotel reservation, but you can snag tickets to one of the hottest shows without even paying top dollar!

#9 Are There Cheaper Rates For Groups?

Some shows in Las Vegas offer special discounts for large groups of people – usually ten or more. This can be a great way to save for those who plan on bringing the whole family, their friends, or even work trips!

Purple Reign Vegas discount tickets information for groups is currently unavailable on the show’s website. As always, we’ll keep a close eye out for any group discounts that may become available. However, if you are visiting Las Vegas with a large group, don’t hesitate to give the box office a call – their answer may just surprise you! 

#10 Choose Your Seats Wisely

The most expensive tickets to the Purple Reign Prince Tribute show may cost over $100, but you don’t have to pay all of that money just to see the show! Tickets to the Purple Reign show are offered for all different budgets – it just depends on where your sit.

This means that ticket prices start out low and go up when you get further towards the state or spend big on a VIP package. Here are the prices for the Purple Reign Tribute Show performance:

  • $57.50 for mezzanine seats
  • $65.00 for general admission
  • $74 for preferred seating
  • $89.50 for the VIP experience

There are numerous ways to find cheap tickets to Purple Reign for your upcoming trip to Las Vegas, regardless of your spending limit. No matter how you plan to see the show, there is a ticket that is perfect for you and your group!


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