Tyreek Hill burned the coverage to haul in a 44-yard bomb from Patrick Mahomes on a 3rd-and-15 play midway through the fourth quarter to set up a touchdown the last time the Kansas City Chiefs met the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl.

That’s the moment fans still cite as emblematic of the Chiefs’ comeback 31-20 victory over the 49ers at Super Bowl 54 on February 3, 2020 in Miami. Over time, most Super Bowls are remembered for a singular moment or two.

Think defensive tackle William “The Refrigerator” Perry’s rushing touchdown for the Bears in 1985, linebacker James Harrison’s 100-yard interception return for a touchdown and subsequent collapse from exhaustion for the Steelers in 2008 or tight end Rob Gronkowski’s back-to-back touchdown catches and spikes early for the Buccaneers in 2021.

What will go down as the defining moments of Super Bowl 58? Here are six wild guesses—three in the event of each team winning.

Travis Kelce scores a touchdown, flashes the hand-heart sign and blows a kiss to Taylor Swift before proposing in the winning celebration on the field after the game.

Sure, the last part probably isn’t going to happen, but there’s no denying it’s been speculated on going into the game. An offshore sports book even posted a proposition wager asking bettors if Kelce would propose postgame with the “yes” opening at +170 (i.e. risking $100 to win $170) and the “no” at -190 (i.e. risking $190 to win $100). That implies a 35% chance—surely a bad line but a bet that would be memorable to cash. As for the heart symbol and kiss to the stands, Kelce has already done that in the playoffs.

Christian McCaffrey becomes the first player in Super Bowl history to score a rushing, receiving and passing touchdown all in the same game.

The 49ers running back became the first player in 17 years, and fourth all-time, to pull off the feat in the regular season last year. He’s scored at least one rushing touchdown in 16 of 21 games this season, and also has seven receiving scores. And, if the 49ers run a trick play like a double-pass, he’s the most likely player to be throwing the ball.

Andy Reid calls a brilliant game plan that leads to three Patrick Mahomes touchdown passes and then announces his retirement underneath a stream of red and gold confetti postgame.

In fairness, there’s been no speculation about Reid walking away after this season but there were some rumors he was considering it going into last year’s Super Bowl. Reid asserted his intentions to return immediately after the Chiefs beat the Eagles at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, a year ago, but what if this season brings the opposite? There could be no better way to walk away than as a back-to-back champion.

Deebo Samuel takes a pass over the middle from Brock Purdy 60 yards for a touchdown and celebrates by pretending to party in the Wynn Field Club at the back of the end zone.

Players always marvel at the club on the field at Allegiant Stadium, especially from unaccustomed road teams traveling to play the Raiders during the regular season. The bottle-service lounges in front of the elevated DJ booth seem tailor-made for a viral celebration. Samuel has put together a couple viral celebrations throughout his five-year career and might be the best candidate in this year’s Super Bowl. Meanwhile, Mahomes has a stronger reputation for big plays, but Purdy has nearly doubled him with 40+ yard completions this season—14 to eight.

Isiah Pacheco lowers his shoulders to bulldoze in a game-winning touchdown in the final minute before busting out a vintage Usher dance move in celebration.

Every year Super Bowl players jokingly bemoan having to miss the halftime show while in the locker room. Maybe the Chiefs’ running back will give his teammates a little taste of the Usher performance they’ll miss. Pacheco is less established in only his second year but could give Samuel a run for his money in the touchdown-celebration department. Pacheco is known to bust out dance moves crazier than Usher-inspired ones and said last year he goes to great length in planning and choreographing them.

Charvarius Ward seals the 49ers’ first Super Bowl victory since 1995 with an interception returned for a touchdown off former teammate Patrick Mahomes to go up two scores in the fourth quarter.

Mahomes, as great as he may be, is not mistake-proof as he sat fourth in the NFL this regular season with 14 interceptions (three more than Purdy). The Raiders showed it’s possible to snag a pick-six off him as Jack Jones led the way to a shocking Christmas Day upset victory over the Chiefs with a 33-yard touchdown. Jones primarily plays left cornerback, the same position as Ward. The six-year veteran Ward helped the Chiefs knock off the 49ers four years ago, and now has the poetic chance to do the reverse.

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