Palette Tea Lounge

Black Sugar Milk Tea

Hot Tea

Sichuan Seafood Dumplings

Black Truffle Duck Rice

Wagyu Beef Chow Fun

Chicken PotStickers

Ha Gow

Sichuan Green Beans

Salt & Pepper Squid

Shrimp Toast

Iberico Cha Siu

Honey Walnut Prawns

Siu Mai

Hot & Sour Softshell

Coffee Ribs

Pork Soup Dumplings

Impossible Ma Po

Peking Duck Set

Salted Egg Lava Bao

Steam Custard Dumplings

Almond Milk Soup

Egg Tarts

The third in a string of Palette concepts, a House in San Francisco followed by a Garden in San Mateo, Palette Tea Lounge seeks to bring Las Vegas the sort of Dim Sum that has yet to be seen off The Strip.

Situated in a large Chinatown space at 4601 Spring Mountain Road, hours from 11am until 10pm Wednesday through Monday finding Lunch far more popular than Dinner, it was as a party of four that guests sat down in a largely empty room at 6:00pm Wednesday.

Founded by the team of short-lived Koi Palace at Lucky Dragon, both service and cleanliness outpacing the majority of Chinatown, it was after hearing several items were sold-out that a palette of Sauces were poured while twenty-one items were prepared.

Well-priced in comparison to both portion and quality, Iberico Cha Siu from Spain and Peking Duck with shattering Skin plus razor-thin Pancakes both showcasing Palette’s Ingredients, fans of Seafood will find Ha Gow a bit too thickly wrapped while Sichuan Seafood Dumplings and Hot & Sour Softshell are spicy yet refined.

Reminiscing of the Ng’s first Koi Palace in 1996, a landmark still standing in the Bay Area today, additional Shellfish selections include cheesy Shrimp Toast and Honey Walnut Prawns upgraded by puffed Tapioca while latticed Chicken Potstickers and Siu Mai both perform well in comparison to XLB done far better at Shanghai Taste.

Sourcing domestic Wagyu for pricey Chow Fun, the cost-to-benefit ratio questionable as prepared, Black Truffle Duck Rice if fragrant and rich while “Coffee Ribs” cleverly served in a large cup are something of an acquired taste.

Not forgetting Salt & Pepper Squid, Sichuan Green Beans and a block of fiery Ma Po made from “Impossible” Meat Desserts at Palette are decidedly authentic with subtle Almond Soup beneath buttery Puff Pastry and “Salted Egg Lava Bao” deserving attention over Egg Tarts done far better outside Sin City.

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