Ed Kaminsky with LEI Broker/Founder Kamran Zand

As the president and founder of SportStar Relocation, Ed Kaminsky has made it his business to find homes for athletes and other sports professionals moving across the country. But the company is about much more than a real estate transaction. SportStar Relocation handles the details of the move, from beginning to end, covering every aspect of what can often be a complicated and overwhelming experience for the entire family.

“That means help with lining up a moving crew,” says Kaminsky. “Having cars transported, finding schools, choosing good babysitters in town, knowing where people go for hairdressers – anything they need when being transplanted from one city to another. We take care of all that and provide a full level of concierge service around the entire move.”

Kaminsky says sometimes it’s the small details that make the biggest impact. He remembers hearing from the wife of a frequently-traded NBA star after coordinating a move for them and their family. “When they arrived at the home, we had food in the fridge, waters, snacks and the daily newspaper out along with a list of local restaurants. She said through 14 teams and 14 seasons, they never had an experience like that. She said, ‘Ed, I wish I knew you 14 trades ago because you’ve made life so easy.’”

SportStar Relocation expands throughout North America, aligning with like-minded brokers and agents with the experience and resources to deliver the same elite level of service. Kaminsky says he’s very selective about who is allowed to represent the company. “I get dozens of solicitations a day from people who want to join. Usually, I turn down 12 out of 12.”

Kaminsky connected with Kamran Zand of Luxury Estates International to represent Las Vegas – a city that’s preparing to welcome its first two major league sports teams. The Vegas Golden Knights will take to the ice this fall as the latest NHL expansion franchise while the Oakland Raiders were given permission by the NFL to relocate to Las Vegas as early as 2019.

“I want success and integrity in any broker,” says Kaminsky. “I want someone who knows the business, knows the game and knows the market – but is also successful so they’re not so focused on selling a home, but doing the right thing for a client – whatever it may be.”

An advantage of listing a home with a SportStar Relocation representative is the power of exposure through a network. “It’s not just the players. You have hundreds of people on a team,” Kaminsky points out. “You have sports agents, you have lawyers, you have wealth management groups. All of these circles are tied to a very elite group of individuals.”

For a team to function at its best, Kaminsky believes every member needs to have their personal life in order – and that includes being happy at home. “When you’re taking care of these guys, you ultimately feel responsible for the success of that team.” he says. “You almost have an effect on if they’re going to win the Stanley Cup or not. I feel responsible for that.”

The partnership between Luxury Estates International and SportStar Relocation provides trusted solutions and peace of mind to sports industry professionals seeking a new home that fits their ambitions and lifestyle. It’s also a perfect way for sellers in the Las Vegas market to expose properties to elite buyers. In this particular game, everybody wins.

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