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Welcome to our Las Vegas Valley! The renowned Las Vegas Strip is framed by a stunning backdrop of beautiful mountains. Numerous luxury communities have been strategically built near or against these majestic mountains, providing residents with breathtaking views of our vibrant city.

We wanted to provide you with an extensive list of these mountains that make up the backdrop of our communities. For a knowledgeable real estate team specializing in Las Vegas and its numerous luxury communities, contact Tyler, William, or Ken today!


Rainbow Mountains:

This mountain range, composed of vibrant red and white sandstone cliffs, sits on the western boundaries of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and Spring Mountain Ranch State Park. Mount Wilson, the highest peak of this range, stands at 7,070 feet.

La Madre Mountain:

Situated north of the Rainbow Mountains, La Madre Mountain (6,000 feet) boasts a striking appearance with its dark limestone composition. It serves as a dramatic backdrop for various communities, including Summerlin, The Ridges, The Summit Club, Red Rock Country Club, and others.

Spring Mountains:

To the west of the Rainbow and La Madre Mountain ranges lies the Spring Mountain range—the tallest mountain range adjacent to the Las Vegas Valley. Mount Charleston claims the title of the highest peak at an impressive 11,916 feet.


Las Vegas Range:

The Las Vegas Range is just north of Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument and features Gass Peak (6,937 feet) as its highest peak.

Sheep Range:

The Sheep Range is located northwest of the Las Vegas Range.


Frenchman and Sunrise Mountains:

East of Sunrise Manor, Frenchman, and Sunrise Mountains are located on each side of Lake Mead Parkway.

River Mountains:

Acting as a natural divider between Henderson and Boulder City from Lake Mead, the River Mountains originate in lava flows from two local mountains. Lava Butte, with its distinctive darker-colored rock, stands out against the lighter-colored mountains nearby. This range, near Henderson, is renowned for the hillside letters “B” and “Q,” representing Basic High School and Quinton Robbins, a school alum who tragically lost his life in the October 1 shooting. On the Boulder City side, you’ll find the letters “BC.”


McCullough Hills:

The McCullough Range runs along the southern border of Henderson, extending south to Primm. This range is predominantly protected by the BLM as the Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area, showcasing numerous petroglyph rock art panels. Sharing volcanic origins with the River Mountains, several peaks in the McCullough range are extinct volcanoes.

Prominent peaks in the range include Black Mountain and an unnamed peak adorned with numerous radio towers located on the northeast edge near Interstate 11. Ascaya in Henderson is currently under construction on the side of the range.


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Photo by Ryan Hafey on Unsplash

Source: LVRJ. Taylor Lane Las Vegas Review-Journal

December 28, 2023 – 7:00 am

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