Made my first visit to MGMNH today since October. Tables at 3 pm:

Carny, 6/5 blackjack, and 3/2 Pontoon mostly $25 with a few $50 sprinkled in. One of the UTH tables was a hundo.

Roulette a mix of $25 and $50. Open tables were 7 00 and 6 000. Saw 2 other 00 tables on the floor that were closed.

Craps: Five out of the 10 tables in the pit were open, three $25 and two $50. Two of the open tables were crapless (one $25 and one $50). Notably, three out of the 10 tables are now crapless (was two last year).

3/2 H17 blackjack: two $50, two $75, two $100. I could swear there had been a few 3/2 S17 tables on the main floor in the past, but that no longer appears to be the case.

HL: 3/2 S17 and single 0 roulette both at $200.

The big stadium area in the center of the casino which allows folks to bet on either craps, roulette, or UTH had a $5 minimum today.


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