What is better than a Las Vegas show? How about a show that lets you join in on the fun? The Marriage Can Be Murder show is one of a kind! Marriage Can Be Murder is an award-winning immersive comedy and murder mystery dinner event in which the audience participates in the performance. If you enjoyed the film Clue, you’ll love this dinner performance.

It’s not uncommon for travelers to assume a Las Vegas show is going to be out of their budget. And it is true, some of the shows on the Las Vegas trip can cost you a pretty penny. But you won’t have to worry about that! You can get your Marriage Can Be Murder discount tickets in many different ways, but we have all of the best and deepest discounts right here.

Marriage Can Be Murder Discount Tickets

11 Ways To Find Marriage Can Be Murder Discount Tickets

Lowest Price Guaranteed!

This is one of the Las Vegas shows that people keep coming back to see. It is that entertaining! As one of the best Las Vegas dinner shows, you can be sure that these tickets are going to be in high demand. Luckily, you won’t have to worry about paying sky-high prices. These little-known secrets will help you nab a few great tickets for your next trip!

#1 Buy Your Tickets Directly

If you’re a planner, buying tickets directly can help you ensure you aren’t paying an unfair markup. The Marriage Can Be Murder performs at The Venue inside of The Orleans Hotel and Casino. The show starts and 7 PM and lasts for two hours. If you want to purchase tickets to the show, you can buy them from the Ivory Star website.

Tickets start at $78 plus taxes and fees and go up to $109 excluding taxes and fees. While you won’t pay the markup associated with third-party ticket sites, there are actually a few places online to find tickets for cheaper than the rates on the show’s website. Keep reading to learn more! But keep an eye out for tickets on Vegas.com – they often offer the best rates for all of the best Las Vegas shows.

#2 Discount Tickets For Marriage Can Be Murder For Locals

Locals can save money on tickets to Las Vegas performances by visiting Vegas4Locals.com. Locals in the Las Vegas area can sometimes get a few tickets for a fraction of the amount that tourists must pay. However, right now, the site is offering an exciting deal for Marriage Can Be Murder discount tickets.

Anyone, regardless of residency, can score tickets for just $75 with a special promo code. While this is a great deal, the site doesn’t always have discount Vegas show tickets. You’ll have to keep an eye out on the site and act quickly if you want to get your tickets for a lower rate. But don’t worry if you miss out. There are plenty of more tips to help you save – Vegas.com is a great place to start for affordable rates and plenty of information on the show.

#3 Can You Save With Groups?

The great news is that Marriage Can Be Murder welcomes groups and special events for the performance of their show. These special events can include personalized scripts, large group accommodations, and even holiday parties.

Currently, the show’s website doesn’t offer any information regarding Marriage Can Be Murder Las Vegas discount tickets for the group. If you want to learn more, you can send an inquiry to the sales office.

#4 Smartvegas.com

Smartvegas.com is a discount ticket site for Las Vegas comedy shows and more. Currently, the site is offering discount tickets for the Marriage Can Be Murder Show. You can get your tickets for up to $20 off, with ticket prices starting at $80.

Like other flash discount sites that offer coupons, these deals tend to come and go from time to time. While this site can be great in a pinch or even offer the best deal at certain times, it is best to check other ticket vendors, like Vegas.com, for discount tickets for Marriage Can Be Murder.

#5 Marriage Can Be Murder Discount Tickets At Vegas.com | Lowest Price Guaranteed!

Vegas.com is one of our favorite sources for tickets to Las Vegas shows. Not only do they offer some of the best deals to be found, but they also provide a wealth of information on each and every show. Marriage Can Be Murder discount tickets start at just $75. While this may not seem like the most competitive price, there are no hidden fees like other discount sites!

With reviews, videos, a thorough description of each show, and even info on how many tickets are left for each show, Vegas.com is a site that you can visit knowing you are getting some of the best information on Las Vegas show tickets.

#6 Check Out The Show During Vegas’ Slow Season

Even Las Vegas has a couple of off-seasons! During these slower seasons, when there are less travelers, finding cheap entertainment tickets is considerably easier. Weeks towards the end and beginning of the year, such as the week following Thanksgiving and the last couple of weeks of December into January, are typical off-seasons. Rates are generally lower during periods of slow travel because ticket prices are based on demand.

#7 Military Discounts

While there are plenty of Las Vegas shows that offer discounted tickets for retired and active members of the United States military, it doesn’t seem like the Ivory Star Hotel and Casino or the show offers them at this time.

We’ll continue to keep an eye out for special ticket prices related to military members. But, in the meantime, you can check out our many other tips and tricks to save big on Marriage Can Be Murder tickets.

#8 Planning Can Help You Save

Occasionally, specific websites will provide same-day ticket deals for shows, but we do not advise depending on this strategy. You can end up paying more for a ticket if seats are running low on the day you want to see the show.

Our top recommendation is to make advance plans and compare prices on your tickets before making a reservation. Although Vegas.com is renowned for its incredible rates, you can also uncover other bargains by looking through the other advice we’ve given!

#9 Checking Groupon

Despite being one of the top performances in Las Vegas, there are ways to get Marriage Can Be Murder Las Vegas discount tickets on Groupon. Sadly, their most recent offer is not yet available, but we still advise keeping tabs on this performance!

 As they sell out quickly and can have limitations, you’ll need to keep an eye on this prospective deal. Before making a purchase, be careful to review the deal’s conditions and limitations. Also, keep in mind that Groupon offers ticket vouchers. So, you will still need to contact the box office to ensure you can fully reserve your seats.

#10 Be Cautious With Resale Websites

Ticket resale platforms are great if you are in a pinch and need last-minute tickets to show. However, these sites may not be the best place to look if you are trying to snag a few discount tickets for Marriage Can Be Murder – or any other show for that matter.

Always be sure to check out other sites, such as Vegas.com. Even if the more direct ticket-selling sites are sold out, at least you can purchase your seats knowing that you checked for lower prices before buying marked-up tickets.

#11 Save With Ticket Tiers

The most expensive tickets to Marriage Can Be Murder may cost over $100, but you don’t have to pay all of that money just to see the show! Marriage Can Be Murder discount show tickets are presented with a three-tier price structure.

What this means is that rates for tickets start at a lower price and increase as you move closer to the stage or splurge on a VIP package. Tickets for the Marriage Can Be Murder show are as follows:

  • $78.94 per ticket, including a three-course meal, gratuity, and non-alcoholic drinks,
  • $91.78 for priority seating, dinner, and a t-shirt, or
  • $109.21 for guaranteed participation in the show, premium seating, one alcoholic beverage, a photo, and a t-shirt.

No matter your budget, there are plenty of ways to find Marriage Can Be Murder show discount tickets on your next trip to Las Vegas.


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