LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A community in Henderson is in crisis as mail thefts wreak havoc within their gated community.

“Our mail is not secure,” said Henderson Resident, Lillian Auspitz. “This is the third incident and it’s very upsetting.”

Auspitz has lived in the Henderson community for over two decades and going to get her mail is part of her everyday routine. However, last week when she and her neighbor went to collect their mail, there was none to be found.

“All the mail was gone. The whole thing was empty,” Auspitz said.

It didn’t take long for word to get out as several neighbors reported their mail stolen.

“Everyone has been told to check their mail right away and not leave it in there sitting,” Peggy Roldan said. “The first mailbox that got broken into was two streets over and credit cards got stolen with three charges within two hours of the card being taken.”

Auspitz has filed a police report with the Henderson Police Department. However, those with the community’s Home Owner’s Association want to do all they can to secure the premises and protect their privacy.

“I want to feel safe here and I’m really trying hard to figure out a way to stop these thieves,” HOA member Sam Hendler shared.

As for more security within the gated community, residents say they would like to see cameras set up by the gates and mailboxes if this theft continues.


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