L’Epidor Bakery

Cream Cheese Danish Pastry

Chestnut Roll

Strawberry Cream Soboru

Egg Custard Pastry

Honey Cake

Raspberry Jam Cookie


Chestnut Roll Cake

Almond Cookie

Coconut Cookie

Roti Bun

Tucked away amidst one of the larger complexes along the Western portion of Spring Mountain L’Epidor Bakery has been doing good business for well over a decade, the recent opening of Ppang Co prompting a return visit that found shelves better stocked and prices on par with others nearby.

Smaller than other Asian pastry shops in town, though offering no less impressive a selection, flavors predictably trend less sweet than American or French Pastry whether one selects a delicate Cream Cheese Danish or Concha-like Soboru plus or minus Cream.

All pre-packaged to-go, the Ingredient list far from artisanal, Egg Custard tastes a little off with a sticky texture while the Coffee-tinged Roti and Honey Cake are unique and restrained but still quite enjoyable.

Not sold on Raspberry Jam Thumbprints that are far too dry, though Tuiles labeled as Cookies shine whether Coconut or Almond, L’Epidor’s best bites come from products made with Chestnuts and whether one chooses the smaller Roll or $9.75 shareable Cake the complex textures and flavors are worth every cent and calorie.

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