2019 is shaping up to be a great year for Las Vegas real estate — if you’re looking to sell.

Zillow’s January market report shows that most U.S. cities are buyer’s markets, with an overall 1% increase in available homes compared to last year. But Las Vegas is the exception to the trend. Though the city’s total available homes have increased from 2018, it hasn’t been enough to meet demand. Housing prices are up and expected to continue climbing by 8%, making it a true seller’s market.

Realtor.com has big predictions for Las Vegas, featuring it on their 10 Surprising Housing Markets Poised to Rule in 2019 list. The study compares home sales, pricing, population and new home construction in U.S. cities to predict market trends. Based on their analysis, Las Vegas is one of a handful of places set for massive growth.

Las Vegas’ rising status can be attributed to a number of factors, including a stable economy, low mortgage rates, reasonable cost of living, and the ever-popular lack of an income tax. Big names like Zappos and the Raiders are also playing a part in attracting young homebuyers from around the country.

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