As most of you all know… I have a tendency to really plan out my trips. It’s just what I do. It isn’t even because I “absolutely have to know” what’s going on at any given moment in my trip… it’s more to figure out where the potential dependencies and conflicts are and determine which thing has to go before or after what other thing. Oddly, it all ends up working out pretty well in the end on its own and it seems like 75% of all the planning I do is just neurotic silliness. But you can pry my spreadsheets from my cold dead hands. Whether that’s planning out my legitimately complicated 12-day Toronto/Winnipeg/Vancouver/Seattle (mostly) train trip in March, or planning out a three-day “hop-over” to Toronto in May for a wedding… there’s a spreadsheet. And EVERY time I make one… I have at least one “aha” moment where I’m like… I’m glad I mapped that shit out!

For reasons that are too complicated to explain, this trip was going to happen… then it wasn’t going to happen… and then as of about 10:00 pm tonight (the time is presently 12:43 am) it was officially happening. So I got online and booked my flights and hotels and started assembling one of them spreadsheets. Except this time it was mainly for the absolutely necessary pillars such as arriving/departing flights and hotel changes. I’ve filled in the basics… need to get to bed shortly as I have to do a bunch of things tomorrow including a load of laundry that I was going to put off for a couple of days. But now that I’m going away for eight nights… my only alternative would be to just wear a bathrobe everywhere. Which SOME may not object to… but I’d rather not run that risk :)

All of this is to say that normally I have a well thought out introduction post to all of my trip reports. However this is a rare instance where there isn’t one… because as of three hours ago, if you were to ask me “NFC are you going to Vegas?”, the answer would have been “Ehh, probably not”.

Hopefully whatever this report lacks up for in preamble it will make up for in winning… so let’s get that ball rolling!

Here’s the gameplan as of right now…

First Stretch: The D

Tuesday February 6

– Depart Detroit on Spirit at 8:20 pm, arrive in Vegas at 10:20 pm
– Do the usual “Savvy Fremont Arrival Shuffle” (applying for a trademark on that term now…), including catching the 10:42 pm CX bus downtown and claiming my $50 in match play chips from The D for my Spirit boarding pass.
– Then checking in at The D and dropping my bags. Gotta hit the pharmacy for distilled water for my CPAP. Probably some Liquid Death too. I’ll probably be hungry, so gotta make sure to grab a gyros wrap at American Coney Island.
– Claim my $20 monthly free slot play offer from Club One at The D… then get to work hammering away at Vue Bar. Hoping Jason is there… I’ve done a bit more research on the Frey Ranch (Nevada bourbon) that they uniquely serve there… which I didn’t care for on the rocks, though I’m getting the impression it might be better shaken. We’ll see… :)

Wednesday February 7
– Pretty wide open as of right now.
– 100% starting off my morning with that amazing espresso at The D’s coffee stand… so good!
– Something I want to do for sure this morning is get a NICE breakfast. This is something I don’t really get to do at home on account of living in a somewhat isolated place as a non-driver… so it’s something I like to indulge in when I travel. Top candidates are currently PublicUs and Therapy… though I’ll be playing this by ear. If I’m out that way I’ll definitely be hitting El Cortez for my 2024 boarding pass promo.
– Contemplating doing a trip up to Cannery casino for a few hours to check out their low-roller table game situation which is apparently pretty good… single-deck (6:5), double-deck (3:2), and six-deck (3:2) all at $5 minimum according to Vegas Advantage. At minimum I’ll be able to grab a new chip for my collection. Fast ride from downtown on the DVX bus too.
– Obviously, also need to put in my play at Vue Bar for this particular gaming day.
– May also do some play at Four Queens to keep my mailers alive there and use my $20 in free slot play.

Thursday February 8
– Also pretty wide open
– Probably 8 East for lunch but we’ll see
– Only fixed commitments are the 3:00 pm blackjack tournament and 5:00 pm video poker tournament at Downtown Grand. Those were fun the last time I did them, and am 100% keen to do them again.
– Also considering going to Jerry’s Nugget tonight. Also for low-roller table games. I’m also interested in trying their bingo room, and having something other than prime rib at their coffee shop
– Likewise, gotta do my Vue Bar play also

Second Stretch: Planet Hollywood

Friday February 9
– Visiting the host’s office at The D to see about getting my third night comped off based on play, as only the first two were comped. Cannot hurt to ask, and I have a pretty high success rate with this!
– Then heading down to the strip… @ffejry ‘s flight gets in at 1:35 pm. Tentative gameplan is to grab drinks with him and @don1701 at Stage Door… since Ffejry is staying right nearby at Horseshoe .
– Evening is pretty open as of right now. Which I’m realizing may pose a bit of an issue given how busy everything is sure to be due to the Super Bowl. Oh well. Leaving this one to chance. Did I really just say that?!?! :)

Saturday February 10
– Wide open. One of only two completely blank columns on my spreadsheet. @don1701 since you’ll probably see this when you wake up, at which time I’ll be sleeping, maybe this is when we could head to the Boulder Highway to spend a bit of time at Longhorn?

Sunday February 11
– Super Bowl Sunday! Don and I have tickets to the “cookout” event at Ellis Island… all you can eat barbecue and all you can drink beer in a pop-up outside of the Front Yard. We’ll be going full “Ron Swanson” here… so look out!

Third Stretch: Strat

Monday February 12
– Wide open.
– Probably joining Don at L’Atelier by Joel Robuchon for dinner at 7 pm

Tuesday February 13
– Wide open, this is the other blank column on the spreadsheet

Wednesday February 14
– 8:49 am flight home… and the party is over… hopefully coming home richer than I arrived in Vegas!

Part of me is anxious seeing all of these gaps… though I haven’t got much choice but to just leave it to fate. It’s going to be a fantastic time! :)


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