This week’s respondents – your comment – is all about how to gain weight. Antoniorei99 asks. Could you please do a video on how to put on weight. I’M super skinny and I need some help. Well, what we’re waiting for, let’s begin now before we go into the science of how to gain weight.

I need you to check your BMI, which you should definitely do at the end of this video I’ll leave a BMI calculator in the description below super easy to use and it’ll tell you if you’re underway, overweight or just normal okay.

So with all that said, let’s begin with tip number one. I know this is gonna sound, counterproductive, but bear with me because we’re going to work through it. You need to avoid high calorie foods that high in bad saturated fats and sugars, and I’m going to tell you why so I’m talking about things like chocolate, sugary drinks, cakes, biscuits, basically, everything that’s got a barcode on it.

Okay, all it’s going to do is increase your fat instead of increasing lean body mass, which is what we’re going to go through in this video. Okay, in addition to that, it’s going to increase your cholesterol and potentially put you at a much higher risk of heart attacks and Strokes.

So, instead of those unhealthy Foods in tip two, I’m gonna teach you what I recommend you to have we’re going to work through it to increase your lean body mass, the healthy way. Okay, I will also leave loads more information in the description below on food ideas as well, so definitely make sure to give that a read too okay.

So, let’s begin with breakfast, generally speaking, my patience to put on weight. It’S usually for breakfast, I like porridge, with some full fat, milk and maybe a bit of fruit in there or some raisins, or if you don’t like porridge, for example, you could try some eggs with some wholemeal bread.

This is going to boost the calorie intake as well as it being healthy at the same time, now, a little after breakfast. What I generally recommend my patients to do is have another snack like a milkshake okay made with full fat, milk and fortified, maybe with milk powder as well, for additional protein and additional calories.

Okay. So now, let’s move on to lunch. This is gonna, be your biggest meal of the day. Generally speaking to patients, I usually recommend the nice carbohydrate source and a nice protein Source. Okay. So, for example, I’m thinking things like, maybe a baked potato, some beans, some tuna, some salad or maybe a lasagna and a nice salad next to it as well.

So I hope you start to see a trend now, because a bit after lunch we’re gonna have another snack okay. So, for example, you can have some toast, maybe some peanut butter and honey on it for some additional energy, okay.

So, moving on to dinner, this is going to be a lighter meal because we’re going to follow up with dessert. Generally speaking, I recommend things like a pasta, bake, a sandwich, something like that nice and light, and soon after that, you’re gonna want dessert.

So I’m thinking high energy foods like rice pudding, crumble, some custard, delicious, so weight gaining diet done, but please make sure that you incorporate your five a day of fruit and vegetables into this diet too.

This is super critical, I’m moving on to tip number three. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of ghrelin, but it’s a chemical that our body releases that tells us that we’re hungry, so we need to eat now.

Here’S the thing ghrelin, the chemical, doesn’t last very long. So when you get the hunger strike, you need to eat straight away. If you leave it you’re going to lose your appetite you’re going to lose the ghrelin you’re going to lose your appetite and not eat, and it’s not going to help with gaining weight.

So I’ve tried to keep this video short and sweet. I really hope you find these tips helpful. Please do remember, though, if you are losing weight quite drastically, this can be a red flag, so I’m going to leave loads more information in the description below.

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