The luxury real estate market in Las Vegas is booming for international investors. However, if you’re on the other side of the world, it may not be convenient to quickly book a flight in order to tour a property. That’s why Kamran Zand and his team at Luxury Estates International is using inventive strategies and the latest technology to offer a truly immersive experience to represent properties for sale.

Each property is presented to its fullest potential in LEI’s online listings. The photography team captures the best images possible, exceeding the standards found in file photos on other real estate websites. The vivid colors and detail of the pictures showcase every element of the home, from the bedrooms inside to the swimming pool outside and everything else in between. Furthermore, the property descriptions go beyond basic information and stats. Kamran uses an in-house copywriter to tour the property and in some cases, interview the current owner about the story and inspiration behind the home. It’s a unique way to dig beyond the service, and learn about a home’s desirable attributes.

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If you’re in another country however, it may not be so easy to book a personal property tour right away. Fortunately, a 3D tour can put you inside the home with the help of online technology. The same photography team uses a Matterport camera to capture 360-degree angles of every room in the residence. The data is then scanned and captured before being crafted into a digital 3D model. Viewers around the world can then use their computers to point-and-click their way through the property, looking around at every corner as if they were actually inside the home. Kamran and his LEI team understand that time is money, and offer these high quality 3D tours to provide an accurate and encompassing view of a property as quickly as possible.

Kamran is also teaming up with exclusive partners to reach highly targeted pools of prospective buyers, including many out of the country. Caimeiju offers listings to affluent buyers in Asia who are often looking for American properties to serve as dependable investments. The online resource carries details and information on luxury homes that might not be seen in countries like China otherwise. In addition, Kamran has established a partnership with SportStar Relocation, a service that builds relationships with professional athletes moving to locations throughout North America. It’s an ideal tool for making the purchase of a new home as seamless as possible for an elite sports hero moving to Las Vegas.

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While buying a new home in a far-away location can be intimidating, it doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. Kamran and his team at Luxury Estates International have built a network of resources and technology to make the process easy for prospective buyers, whether out-of-state or out-of-country.

Interested in selling your home to an international buyer? Contact luxury real estate expert Kamran Zand at 702.800.0284.

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