Crave Cookies

The Recess Cookie

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Campfire S’mores Cookie

Raspberry Cheesecake Cookie

The Twix Cookie

Waffle Crisp Cookie

Such an egregious knock-off that they got sued by Crumbl Crave Cookies comes from owner Trent English, phrases such as “Because adulting is hard” and “Game changer” strewn all over a fancy website of options that change weekly now expanding across the nation though franchising.

Sold on a back-story of the founders’ eating disorder, though one needs to dig deep below glossy boxes, stark-white interior and an intentionally familiar logo to discover anything but photogenic Cookies and Soda with added sweeteners, it was side-by-side in the same week that Crave’s “Waffle” fell short of crumbl’s while “Raspberry Cheesecake” oddly offered the same “basic flavor you’ve had a hundred times—just masquerading under a new layer of frosting” that Trent supposedly rallies against.

Reportedly “crafted with top-tier ingredients that would make even the snobbiest food critics nod in approval,” fake syrup on the Waffle, Hershey’s Chocolate S’Mores and Reese’s Peanut Butter proving…something…it is safe to say Crave’s Chocolate Chip is slightly better than crumbl’s Milk Chocolate thanks to crisp edges and a soft center while “Twix” pulls off a pleasant surprise with its liquid Caramel center.

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