Dear ch-aviation community,

I realised the other day that I had yet to update you about what we have been working on for you for quite some time.

Today I am excited to let you know that ch-aviation is going to space!

We have decided to enrich our existing fleet data with space-based aircraft movement data to ensure the best coverage possible in the most remote locations. So, you can react immediately.

Together with our long-term partner Spire Global, we will use satellite-based aircraft movement data to help you with the following tasks:

  • Allow users to create flight reports using fleet data criteria.
    • Example: Show me all AerCap-owned aircraft that operated in China yesterday.
  • Derive live Aircraft Utilisation (flight hours and cycles).
    • Example: Show me last month’s flight hours for the United’s and American’s Boeing 777 fleet.
  • Track ACMI Wet-Lease Contracts faster and more precisely.
    • Example: Show me all Contracts that SmartLynx Airlines had in the last quarter.
  • Establish which aircraft went to which MRO provider for maintenance.
    • Example: Show me all aircraft sent to Lufthansa Technik facilities last month and how long they stayed there.
  • Track where aircraft are based.
    • Example: Show me the exact number of Ryanair-based aircraft in Bergamo.
  • Automatically update an aircraft’s status and location.
    • Example: Find out faster when a certain aircraft gets parked temporarily.
  • Provide post-departure passenger capacity based on actual seat configurations flown.
    • Example: Almost real-time live capacity data.
  • Establish worldwide freighter schedules, including a breakdown of express operations by cargo customers.
    • Example: Always see accurate schedules for DHL, UPS, and FedEx.
  • Establish the most likely onward flight for each flight arrival.
    • Example: Show me the most likely onward flight for each future Southwest Airlines flight arriving in Denver.
  • Provide Movement and Operator reports per Airport.
    • Example: Show me flight movements by Operator for London Heathrow.

If you are interested in any of the above tools, fill out the below form, and I will inform you as soon as they are available.

They will be gradually rolled out as data feeds from the beginning of September this year. In parallel, we are also working on bringing all of them online.

Thank you very much.

Thomas and the entire team at ch-aviation

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