We are continuously working on adding more aircraft frames to our database, and with the July updates, we’ve added two more aircraft types, the Beech 99 and the DC-6.

Beechraft 99 Airliner

We currently track 151 Beech 99, with 79 active, 54 being stored, and 18 scrapped/written off. The biggest operator of Beech 99 is Ameriflight, counting 44 of them in their fleet.

Douglas (Boeing) DC-6

We currently track 58 Douglas DC-6 aircraft, with zero of them being active. 10 of them are currently stored, and 48 scrapped/written off.

Douglas (Boeing) DC-6A/DC-6B/DC-6C Freighter

We currently track 282 Douglas DC-6A/DC-6B/DC-6C Freighters. 8 of them are active, 36 stored, and 218 scrapped/written off. The biggest operator of the DC-6 freighters is Everts Air Alaska, counting 8 of them in their fleet, with currently only three active – two of DC-6(C-118A) and one DC-6A.

DC-6 freighter

DC-6 freighter

Important note:

*Only aircraft that flew in the 21st century and fall into the aircraft history methodology have been added.

**Aircraft history methodology: Full aircraft operator history available for all active aircraft, aircraft operator history for all inactive aircraft available from today up until 2000.

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