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Here, we explore the Geovation Awards and the honoured global innovations using geospatial data for sustainability taking place. Winners tackled challenges in cities, environment, and social good, highlighting the potential of this tech for a better future

Ordnance Survey’s esteemed open innovation hub, Geovation, recently announced the winners of its second international Geovation Innovation Awards. This year’s ceremony acknowledged the creativity and vision of individuals and organizations around the world who are harnessing the power of geospatial data to drive sustainable development.

With a staggering 128 entries from a diverse range of 27 countries, the awards underscored the growing global significance of geospatial data. Held in London, the ceremony featured five established categories aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Two new categories were introduced this year: “Scottish Geospatial Technology,” sponsored by Geovation Scotland, and “Contribution to Diversity,” highlighting the importance of inclusivity within the geospatial field. The esteemed judging panel comprised a global cohort of experts, including representatives from the World Health Organization, the Geospatial Commission, 10 Downing Street, and HM Land Registry.

Awarding excellence across sustainability efforts

The award categories honored innovative solutions addressing various sustainability challenges:

  • Cities of the Future:
    • Advanced Infrastructure (LAEP+) emerged victorious for their development of geospatial tools to empower utilities and cities in achieving a smooth energy transition.
  • Nature and Environment:
    • The University of Surrey’s Space4Nature project impressed the judges with its groundbreaking three-year initiative. This project combines satellite imagery, artificial intelligence, and citizen science to map, connect, and restore wildlife habitats while fostering open research in biodiversity conservation.
  • Protection of Life:
    • ProxyAddress, a UK-based social enterprise, took home the award for its innovative solution – utilising redundant address data from empty homes to connect homeless individuals with essential services, providing them with a crucial step towards regaining independence.
  • Contribution to Diversity:
    • Women+ in Geospatial, a global network of over 5,500 women and non-binary individuals, won this category for its unwavering commitment to fostering diversity through networking, career development, and mentorship opportunities within the geospatial industry.
  • Scottish Geospatial Technology (New Category):
    • EmergencyLocate was recognized for its technology, which empowers emergency and search and rescue organizations to locate individuals in need of assistance rapidly.

The Geovation Awards serve as a powerful testament to the multifaceted applications of geospatial data. From sustainable urban planning and environmental protection to safeguarding lives and promoting inclusivity, these awards showcase the immense potential of this technology in shaping a brighter future for our planet.

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