Since a young age, I’ve found joy in capturing moments through photography, and especially grown to love the art of shooting on grainy analog film. I’m immensely proud of my Highlights of Morocco trip photography and eager to share my perspective as inspiration for your own travels.

Travelling solo for the first time can be a little daunting, but joining a small group tour (and yes, I’m admittedly biased as a Specialist Global Connection Officer at G Adventures) made it a whole lot easier. I know when I first stepped off the plane by myself I was nervous, but there was a driver waiting to bring me to my starting point in Casablanca. The drive was long and I stared out the window marvelling at the beautiful city stretching out in front of me thinking of what to snap first.

a ginger tabby cat stretches its paws toward the camera as it basks on a trash can in casablanca, morocco

That evening, I met my fellow travellers and Chief Experience Officer (CEO) for the next 15 days in Morocco. Everyone was incredibly welcoming, making me feel at home in a country I had never visited before. The charm of small group travel lies in the immediate opportunity to make new friends upon arrival.

With my trusty Minolta X-700 and a few rolls of film at the ready, I spent the next two weeks exploring Morocco with this cheerful group of people and an expert guide. As we moved from places like the blue city of Chefchaouen to the salty air of Essaouira, my goal was to highlight the remarkable beauty of a country rich in artistic expression.

Our first stop was in Tangier, a beautiful port city and trade centre, connecting North Africa and Europe for centuries.

dreamy skies and turquoise blue water beckon from a rocky seaside overlook in Tangier, Morocco

Next up and known as the Blue City, Chefchaouen offered photo opportunities around every corner. There are different beliefs on why the city was painted blue to start. Some say the blue hues deter bugs, some say it represents the sky and brings people closer to God.

sky blue and white-washed building walls flank a cobbled alleyway in Chefchaouen, Morocco

The ancient Roman ruins of Volubilis were calling to us next and our local guide was incredible! He was eager to share his wealth of knowledge on this UNESCO World Heritage Site. We just slowly walked around and explored a place renowned for its mosaics that remain in good condition.

close up look at one section of thick-blocked ruins, pillars, and archways at the ancient roman ruins of Volubilis

Onward to Fez! The medina was a maze of narrow winding tunnels, occasionally opening up to expansive sections. This vibrant market is filled with numerous vendors and bustling trade. Our guide was fantastic and shared his extensive knowledge of his home.

looking upward in a Fez, Morocco medina full of hanging rainbow-coloured wools and textiles

For lunch, we stopped at the magnificent Ryad Nejjarine where we dined like royalty on delicious tagine. As I glanced up, I saw sunlight streaming through the roof of this exquisitely crafted and impeccably preserved building, dating back to the 13th century.

sunlight beams diagonally across intricately carved and colourful walls at a riad in Fez, Morocco

I was amazed by the pristine condition of the plaster and woodwork. The staff graciously permitted us to explore the upper level so I could capture the scene catching my eye.

Filled up with the wonders of Fez, we were off on a 10 hour road trip to Merzouga, right in the Sahara Desert. I know it sounds like a really long drive but the scenery was so gorgeous along the way that it flew by. We also made several stops including one to see some cheeky Barbary macaques (Berber Monkeys)!

a tan-coated barbary monkey sits solemnly on a rock perch in front of green pines en route to the Merzouga dunes

Reaching Merzouga just after sunset, I was unable to resist the allure of the sand dunes and ran around like a child filled with wonder.

two travellers clad in traditional scarves to keep out heat and sand sit happily in the Merzouga dunes at sunset

Our guide mentioned that it is often said that one regains a childlike spirit upon reaching the desert, and I can attest to its truth—I couldn’t hold back the urge to frolic and play in the sand. My fellow travellers were just as rapt and happy to take in the endless mounds of sand at twilight.

a guide from a local Merzouga hotel in a burnt orange headscarf poses in front of rolling Saharan sand dunes at twilight

The following day, we embarked on a sunset camel ride into the dunes. It was undoubtedly the highlight of our tour and made for endless Moroccan photographic memories.

on cinnamon bark sands a trio of travellers is lead on camelback through the Saharan desert in Merzouga

After our desert adventure, we journeyed to Todra Gorge, an utterly breathtaking region of Morocco. The air was crisp and invigorating, and nothing compared to starting our day with a refreshing morning walk through the local landscape.

sage green palms, trees, and grasses contrast against the baked brown cliff sides of Todra Gorge

Back on the road again! We headed to the famed earthen clay architecture of Ait Ben Haddou for a night before heading off again to the High Atlas Mountains. Impressive scenes abound, but it’s also good to keep your camera ready for those simpler moments like stopping to grab a roadside coffee on the way.

a shade-filled scene of a white and green retro camper with laundry hanging on the line

Next, we were off to the High Atlas Mountains to spend a night in a mountain Gite. The dinner we had was delicious and we spent the night bunked surrounded by hills, chatting and playing games over tea.

view of a tall triangular peak of the High Atlas Mountains from the grounds of a mountain lodge

Our last destination before Marrakech, we hit the coastal town of Essaouira and it was simply stunning! I felt completely at ease here, free to shop, stroll, and explore at my own pace on solo excursions. The picturesque views of the ocean and the laid-back atmosphere lend this charming little town an irresistible allure.

a dramatic and grainy sunset vista of a rock-strewn ocean at sunset from Essaouira, Morocco

As our adventure drew to a close, we made our way to Marrakech for our final days together. It was our chance to delve into the vibrant energy of this bustling city before returning home.

a cheerful man gestures to welcome market visitors to his spread of traditional Moroccan treats

By the time we arrived in Marrakech, I felt completely at home in Morocco as a group or on my own. I strolled through the market, sharing treats I had purchased from a local vendor whose family had owned the store for years.

a man with a bucket washes the ground in front of a fruit and vegetable stall in bustling Jemaa el-Fnaa aka Marrakech Main Square

My journey in Morocco came to an end, leaving me with cherished memories to last a lifetime. Throughout the experience, I felt a sense of belonging and comfort. I would return without hesitation and wholeheartedly encourage you to do the same. Don’t forget to pack your favourite camera and a heart open to adventure!

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