It’s your wedding day!  Be who you want to be!  Whether it’s a bold eye, a bright lip, embracing your natural beauty or adding stunning accessories, we’re seizing the moment and going all in!

Every bride we speak with is unique in style and personality. When it comes to planning your look for your day we want to know everything about your day.

Upon inquiry don’t be surprised when I ask detail questions beyond your hair and makeup vision. I want to know EVERYTHING about your wedding- absolutely everything!!! Understanding the full picture of everything from your floral to your design scheme helps us guide you in the right direction of phenomenal photos.

Let yourself shine!

Bridal hair accessories are always a perfect touch to your wedding day look.

When having your bridal portraits done, make sure you show off all your bling whether you choose a sparkly headband, tiara, unique hair clip, barrette, flowers, hats or even your veil.

If you need direction on how to add and take away your veil, be sure to ask your Master Hair Stylist for tips, so your hair stays all day.

Define and go bold!

Inspiration can come from anything and the only thing limiting you is your imagination. It’s our job to help you bring that vison to life and create a look that you’ll love for decades to come when you look back at the moments captured by the camera on your very special day.

Make a statement by accenting your favorite features, with a killer lip color, an intricate hair style, or a a smoky eye.  The possibilities are endless! 

Regardless of what season it is weddings are among the most remembered and revered days of your life. Make it special and make it your own. There’s nothing cookie cutter when it comes to creating the perfect most beautiful version of you on your most beautiful day.

Up the volume with lashes!

Say “I Do” to lashes for your wedding day and every day!  Lashes are game changers.  They help to open eyes up in the bright light of the desert, so your eyes don’t look like you are squinting, and in low lighting scenarios like wedding receptions they ensure that your eyes show up. They accentuate eye color and make all of us feel sexier.

Start your day with us!

Whatever look you’re seeking pro is the way to go. Hairstyles are subjective, and makeup applications are not cookie cutter. No two brides are alike. No matter the season, indoors or out, daytime or evening etc… your wedding day look should be ultra feminine, classic and most importantly the most beautiful version of you. Working with a professional agency like Makeup In The 702 inures that you, your hair and your makeup will be camera ready on your day and long into the night.

To ensure you get the look that’s right for you, we recommend booking your trial to ensure you and your hairstylist create your dream look and a style that you’ll love looking at for years to come.

Makeup In The 702 welcomes your questions and we’d love to have you in our chair.  Share your vision with us… Complete the form below to get the conversation started.

Makeup In The 702 provides on location hair and makeup services in the greater Las Vegas area. 

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