Last year during my birthday I was able to come home ahead almost $10k with the help of back-to-back royals. Let’s see if I can do that again!

There will be a lot of bouncing around hotels this trip all comped. One of my favorite things to do in Vegas is to walk around listening to audiobooks, I am fairly heat-resistant so the Vegas heat does not bother me unlike most. Will take advantage of the bus

Hotel Stays

  • Paris Versailles
  • 4Q
  • D
  • Rio
  • Paris Bourdeaux


  • Video Poker everywhere
  • Try my hand at Blackjack (I have a trusty basic strategy card)
  • LVA coupon run
  • Tuscany new member promo
  • MyVegas free play run

Nowhere special, hopefully, try some new places to me out

Currently finishing up as much work as I can before I call my Uber to the airport! See you soon Vegas :peace:


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