Everything is new at the Durango Casino & Resort. Multiple restaurants give gamblers plenty of choices for down time.
Photo by Diane Taylor

Last Tuesday was my day to visit the new Durango Casino & Resort. I started out on the highway, missed a bend in the highway and ended up near the Strip. Because my turnoff would have been Durango and Sunset, I decided to go west on Sunset and after a bit of driving, Voila! The big IKEA store was on my left; I turned and found Durango Casino & Resort.

I happened to park near a big sign that said “George.” That happened to be the entrance to the large, and I mean large, sports book and lounge. You’ll see lots of pictures of the lounge in the attached video. Next I walked around with camera in hand. You’ll see what I saw, a bright, very bright, casino and lots of interesting eating places. I gambled a bit and though my money lasted a time, the Durango got most of it in the end. But I had a good time. For a closer look, my first visit to the Durango Resort Hotel video is below.

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