Avid followers (I know there were at least 3 of you) of my first trip report in May of last year will be aware that I had intentions of coming back for Super Bowl weekend. I wasn’t sure if I could convince my tight fisted friend to suck up the cost of a Vegas trip over this particular weekend. Not only did I succeed in convincing him, but I also convinced another 4 friends to come with us! Meet the gang:

AK/Raymond – tight fisted friend who was adamant all year (well, up until they shat the bed in December) that the Jaguars would be in the Super Bowl and that he was going to sell some of his shares in order to pay for tickets to the game on Sunday. Obviously, he hasn’t and will likely spend the trip trying to make sure he doesn’t get talked into doing shots and falling asleep outside again.

C – as legend has it, a man who once described 100 men in a strip club as fucking perverts, before not 2 minutes later, going upstairs for a private dance. Once accidentally ordered 6 x Jägermeister and lemonade instead of Grey Goose and lemonades at Cheltenham one year and we have never let him forget it. Claimed not to notice when the barman gave them to him.

GMAC – did not tell his wife he was coming to Vegas until after I booked everything and convinced her he couldn’t then back out. Also hosted a BBQ/Hot tub party last year and didn’t tell his wife about it, so threw us out of the tub/house with about 20 minutes notice when she was on her way home. Anyone see a pattern here?

Tattie – for those who don’t know, this is common vernacular for potato in Scotland. We were in London a few years ago and someone in our group chat asked why we took Mr Potato Head with us (he was losing his hair at the time and had shaved it all off). He absolutely hated the nickname and as is the way with us children, all this did was want us make to use the name more, so it has stuck. He still hates it. Likely to spend the vast majority of the trip commenting on how expensive things are.

The Walrus – a few of us attend the Cheltenham Festival each year and he came with us in 2020. Nobody had ever seen him dressed up before and after about 20 minutes of trying to work out what he reminded us of, we finally cracked it. This guy.

Also sounds like a walrus when asleep, so there’s that…

Arriving tomorrow night at about 7pm. Staying in the Westgate for the weekend, before moving to the Flamingo for the Monday – Wednesday nights. Leaving Vegas on Thursday evening and due to BA’s readjustment of the flight times from London, not actually getting home until Saturday afternoon. Not that we will actually want to go home.

The Westgate is perfect for the weekend, as we are attending the Big Game Bash on the Sunday and also going to LIV golf on the Saturday. We are booked into the 2 Queen Bunk rooms in the Flamingo, so that should be an interesting argument about who gets the top bunks. I have also booked Excalibur for the Monday – Wednesday nights in order to get the freeplay & resort credit MGM were offering me after my absolutely massive 3K of coin in from May. It will also offer an escape for anyone who might need it. Have already told the Walrus he is not allowed to use it for hookers.


Friday night – limo booked to take us to the Westgate. Probably be fairly tired at that point as we would have left home base around 20 hours prior. Ideally get a few hours sleep on the flight to offset that a little though.

Saturday – LIV golf at the Las Vegas Country Club. Literally right behind the hotel, so ideal positioning for us. After this, we are heading to Mandalay Bay for the NFL experience and then up to Fremont for the free concert. Hoping to see the Walrus attempt the 40 yard dash.

Sunday – Super Bowl viewing party at Westgate – This was $275 each and includes a buffet and alcohol, so not bad value I think. Trust me when I say this, most of us will get our money’s worth out of it.

Monday – likely to make this the day we go back to Fremont, as I want to catch the football and we will be checking out of Westgate at this point anyway. The Walrus is incredibly excited about a visit to the Heart Attack Grill.

Not sure what days the below might fall on but we will probably fit these in somewhere.

Skyfall lounge
A show of some description

Some of the others might take a trip to the Grand Canyon/Valley of Fire midweek, but I have been before, so will likely hang around Vegas and hopefully hit a couple of handpays. The weekend will likely not be massively gambling heavy, as I suspect the casinos will be insanely busy and it will just annoy me having to fight for space. I will likely focus on VP & slots, but will also try my hand at craps with the others, as they all want to learn how to play it. I know how to play (I did well last time out on bubble craps), but haven’t played a table before, so will likely do this downtown, or through the week, where it will cost us a lot less to do so. The Walrus tells me he intends to hole up at a Blackjack table night 1 and “Rainman it” whatever he thinks that means. I see him lasting about 25 minutes before he gets felted and goes to bed.

Not sure I will manage to make this very live, but will do my very best. Things tend to get out of hand when I am drinking with C and the Walrus. Due to the aforementioned snafu with the Jägermeister, we get the idea to order these in deconstructed form when we are out together, thinking it will be a great idea. It never is. The last time we did this, I refused to get in a taxi home at 2am and wound up sleeping in a car park.

I have just checked in for our first flight to London, so it’s real now.

See you soon Vegas!!


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