I had a check engine light that came on about a month ago. Due to traveling and other conflicts, I wasn’t able to make an appointment until today. Naturally, the check engine light went off last week after being on for a month. I still brought the car in, because I wanted a new battery. Mine was almost four years old, and they seem to need replacing about that time, so I figured I would be proactive. I also asked them to run a computer diagnostic to see if there are any trouble indications.

They called and said that the water pump was leaking, and the pump, housing and seals needed to be replaced along with a flush and fill. The repair would be $1300 and change! That didn’t even include the flush and fill and the new battery (which together would be about $500).

Fortunately, I bought a lifetime warranty, when I first purchased the car, so I should only be out the cost of the deductible, flush and fill and battery (about $600), which is much better than the $1800+ all in price they originally quoted.

Is everyone else seeing such outrageous auto repair costs these days? .


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