Simple but attractive, the WalkingPad C2 mini treadmill is loved by millions of people. With smooth lines and fashion appearance, C2 brings you endless vitality. Classic white and diamond blue, No matter which one you choose, it will make your home extra eye-catching.

As the best treadmill for home use, C2 mini walking pad is fully folded, which is easy to store and move. With it, poor weather and busy work schedule can’t stop off your workout anymore. No gym, no problem! C2 mini walking machine lets you exercise anytime you want.


UNIQUE FOLDABLE DESIGN The 180-degree folding reduces the amount of space required.

DIGITAL MONITOR The KS Fit app simultaneously displays your workout time, speed, steps, and calories burned.

COMFORTABLE BELT The EVA layer in the running belt protects your ankle while running and makes it smoother.

SPEED CONTROL BY FEET Intelligent speed control by sensing the steps (“A” Mode). Note: A mode( Automatic mode) will be affected if our treadmill is used on a carpet.

FREE INSTALLATION There was no assembly required, just slide out of box, pop in power cable, flip the switch to on.

WalkingPad C2 Mini Foldable Walking Treadmill

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