Constructed with premium eco-friendly Performance Neoprene available in 1.5mm, 3.5mm, 5.5mm, or 7.5mm thickness, the Goliath Grouper Wetsuit ensures superior comfort and flexibility. The Ultra-Stretch Poly Lycra Laminate with dye camouflage merges function with style while the 24K Gold Titanium Dioxide Internal Coating simplifies the process of slipping into the suit.

The hooded jacket is designed with preformed arms for an impeccable fit and comfort. It features a 7mm chest loading pad on the exterior for extra protection. The glue-reinforced stitching on the elbows, chest pad, and whistle pocket enhances durability. An integrated distress whistle in a pocket on the shoulder provides added safety, and protective screens on the chest pad, elbows, and seat area offer extra resilience. Smoothskin seals around the face and wrists minimize water intrusion, and the double closure clips on the beavertail ensure a secure fit.


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