Las Vegas entertainment productions offer audiences creativity, variety, diversity, humor, and fun. People particularly enjoy the shows in Las Vegas with comedy and magic used together to entertain. The best comedy magic shows in Las Vegas know how to captivate audiences and keep them paying attention from the beginning to the end of the performances.

Las Vegas comedy magic shows have been around for decades. However, they continue to be reinvented and reimagined in ways that appeal to modern audiences. You won’t see traditional rabbit-in-the-hat tricks from the 1960s. Instead, you’ll see inventive magicians using technology, vibrant lighting, originality, and comedy to bring Vegas comedy magic shows to the 21st century.

The Top 10 Comedy Magic Shows in Vegas

What kinds of comedy magic shows in Las Vegas would you like to see during your trip? Some magicians have mastered sleight-of-hand-card tricks, mind-reading, levitation, and other clever and witty tricks guaranteed to make you laugh. And since most shows are suitable for all ages, you can bring all your family members to these shows too. Below are the top 10 best comedy magic shows in Las Vegas.  

1) Penn & Teller

Penn & Teller

The Penn & Teller show is amongst the best shows in Las Vegas. This comedy magic duo has been performing together for more than 40 years. Many people know Penn and Teller from their popular television shows, such as “Penn & Teller: Bullshit!” and “Penn & Teller: Fool Us.” But anyone familiar with Las Vegas knows that Penn & Teller are two of the most respected comedy magicians in the city.

The Penn & Teller show can be seen at the Penn & Teller Theater of the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas. Their mind-bending magic combined with comedic narrating and gesturing makes it a funny 90-minute show for audiences five years of age and older. Penn is the taller of the duo and loves to provide comedic commentary about everything happening on stage. Teller is the shorter and quieter of the duo who performs all the magic and comedy action without saying anything.

You can expect to see all kinds of magic tricks that are groundbreaking, creative, and sometimes even horrifying. They perform everything from classic sleight-of-hand tricks to the magic bullets trick. Of course, no one knows which magic tricks to expect when they enter the Penn & Teller Theater because the duo regularly adds new tricks to their acts. But if you are a fan of their television shows, you will be more than satisfied with their comedy magic shows in Las Vegas.

2) Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show

Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show

The Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show delivers everything you want from a magic show and much more. Nathan Burton is a comedy magician in Las Vegas who has earned national recognition from his numerous television appearances on shows like “America’s Got Talent,” “Coming Home,” “Penn & Teller’s Fool Us,” and “Cupcake Wars.” His best-known appearances were on “The World’s Wildest Magic,” “The Entertainer,” and “World’s Greatest Magic 3.”

Nathan Burton brings a humorous and casual style to his Vegas comedy magic shows. His series of incredible illusions include everything from small and intimate magic tricks up close to large and sophisticated magic tricks from afar. You are guaranteed to have a fantastic time watching his 70-minute comedy magic show in the V Theater of the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Resort.

The Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show is suitable for kids and adults. Since there is no age restriction to see the show, you can bring family members of all ages to see it. The family-friendly comedy and magic routines create a spellbound show that will capture your attention throughout the entire length of it. You won’t be able to look away from the incredible illusions and personality displayed on stage. And for the adults, you’ll get to enjoy the sight of beautiful showgirls too.

3) Piff the Magic Dragon

Piff the Magic Dragon Vegas Show

Piff the Magic Dragon is a character who achieved national recognition on the reality TV show “America’s Got Talent.” He is a magical dragon who can perform enigmatic magic tricks while maintaining a humorous personality. In fact, the Las Vegas version of his show has him acting more sarcastic than he did on “America’s Got Talent.” That is why the minimum age to see Piff the Magic Dragon is 13 years or older in the Flamingo Showroom of the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas.

Many people consider Piff the Magic Dragon the best comedy magic show in Vegas because of his cute and hilarious magic act. However, the cutest thing about this 75-minute show is his Chihuahua sidekick, Mr. Piffles, because he does many of the stunts and adventures in the show. You’ll see Mr. Piffles in a straitjacket, laminated and levitated up in the air. How many other Las Vegas comedy magic shows have levitating Chihuahuas? Mr. Piffles is the only Chihuahua in the world to perform magic.

In addition, the Piff the Magic Dragon show features a beautiful showgirl named Jade Simone. She will also assist with the duo’s most famous magic routines to bring more beauty and charm to the show. Her performance arts background includes theater, music, and dance, making her the perfect assistant to Piff the Magic Dragon. When Jade is not opening for Piff in Vegas, she opens for him in comedy clubs around the country.

4) Mac King Comedy Magic Show

Mac King Comedy Magic Show

Mac King is the longest-running magician performing in Las Vegas. His audiences are always left spellbound by his perfect sleight-of-hand magic tricks, creative imagination, and family-friendly sense of humor. The Mac King Comedy Magic Show features hand shadow puppets, rope tricks, live animals, mysterious Fig Newtons, and a striking gold lame cape for his Liberace and Elvis Presley impersonations. King’s appealing Southern charm and showmanship make him very engaging to audiences.

The Mac King Comedy Magic Show allows volunteers from the audience to participate. King tries to come across as incompetent at his comedy magic shows in Las Vegas, but he actually has wonderful people and magic skills. When volunteers come to the stage to participate in the magic tricks, they always react in shock by the tricks performed. You can increase your chances of getting chosen to come up on stage by reserving seats within the first several rows of the Thunderland showroom at the Excalibur Hotel.

The Thunderland is a more traditional showroom with few technological features other than the music and lighting systems. Most of the seating rows contain traditional chairs, but you can reserve spacious booths in a few rows in the back of the showroom. The booths provide a clear view of the center stage where King performs. King might seem like a simple magician on the surface because he doesn’t use props or technology to perform his magic tricks. But once you experience his magic tricks, you’ll understand his talent more clearly.

5) Murray The Magician

Murray The Magician

Murray The Magician, aka Murray John Sawchuck, is a skilled actor, comedian, and illusionist performing at the Laugh Factory of the Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel. His illusions and magic tricks often have him getting into comical misfortunes, earning him the nickname the “Dennis the Menace of Magicians.” He even has the same electric blonde hair as Dennis the Menace too.

America’s Got Talent helped bring fame to Murray The Magician. Many people think he has the best comedy magic shows in Vegas because of his over-the-top and extra large magic tricks. For instance, Murray can make an entire locomotive vanish before everyone’s eyes. He can also transform a gorgeous showgirl into a quarter-ton tiger and cause a Ferrari to appear above the audience. How many other Las Vegas magicians have the skill to do that?

The Murray The Magician show is only 60 minutes long, but it is a fun and exciting 60 minutes. Murray goes the extra mile to amaze and entertain audiences with his surreal magic acts. If you have never seen Murray live before, perhaps you have seen one of his numerous television appearances. Some include Pawn Stars, Celebracadabra, Glow, The Jadagrace Show, Reno 911!, Masters of Illusion, the Jerry Lewis Telethon, and Last Comic Standing.

6) Mike Hammer Comedy Magic Show

Mike Hammer Comedy Magic Show

Mike Hammer has been practicing comedy and magic for over 25 years. He has some of the best comedy magic shows in Las Vegas because of his improvisation and witty comeback lines. The Mike Hammer Comedy Magic Show features pranks, chaos, mind reading, and razor swallowing. Yes, Mike Hammer actually swallows a double-edged razor blade without causing any harm to himself.

You’ll love the Mike Hammer Comedy Magic Show every time you see it at the Four Queens Canyon Club because each show is different. Mike loves to ask for volunteers from the audience to participate in his comedy magic routine. If you sit close to the center stage, you may be fortunate enough to get chosen to come on stage. Any guest 13 years or older can attend his shows in Las Vegas.

Mike Hammer is a hilarious comic who loves to engage audiences with his spellbinding magic acts. He is not only an in-demand comedy magician in Las Vegas because thousands of comedy clubs, colleges, and companies across the country have hired Mike to perform as well. In fact, some of Mike’s most prominent corporate clients are Lexus, Toyota, Dell, and Sony. He has also been hired as a game show host and a ring announcer for MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) competitions held in Las Vegas.

7) Potted Potter

Potted Potter Las Vegas Show

Potted Potter is a 70-minute show explicitly geared toward fans of the Harry Potter book and movie fantasy series. The two performers, Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner, use their funny props, costumes, and witty personalities to retell the stories of all seven Harry Potter books quickly and hilariously. You will even see a fierce fire-breathing dragon show up at one point during the show. How awesome is that?

These funny Harry Potter experts use their comedic energy to retell the stories in a way that makes them enjoyable for everyone. So even if you have never read the books before, you will still be interested in hearing these two explain them. Guests only need to be six years of age or older to attend the Potted Potter show at the Magic Attic of Bally’s Hotel.

Harry Potter fans will undoubtedly feel that Potted Potter is one of the best comedy shows in Las Vegas. It is simply amazing how the duo manages to condense seven long Harry Potter books into a hilarious 70-minute show. Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner have received two nominations for an Olivier Award, which already puts them at a higher level than other comedy magicians in Las Vegas.

8) Laughternoon with Adam London

Laughternoon Las Vegas Show

Laughternoon with Adam London is one of the best Vegas comedy magic shows because it is family-friendly and a whole lot of fun. Adam London brings his humor and charm to this afternoon show, which includes engaging magic tricks suitable for all ages. There are no age restrictions to attending Laughternoon with Adam London in the D Las Vegas Hotel Showroom. So bring your entire family to the event!

Adam London is very skilled at sleight-of-hand card tricks, but he loves to add comedy to spice up the routines. Card tricks were always of interest to London ever since his grandfather showed him how to perform card tricks when he was a kid. London later studied musical theater at college and practiced his comedy at various comedy clubs worldwide, including the Improv Comedy Club and the LA Comedy Club.

When London felt confident as a comedian, he combined his magic and comedy skills during his appearances at the Mac King Comedy Magic Show in Las Vegas and the Magic Castle in Hollywood. He even got a guest spot on an episode of the Fox television show “Raising Hope.” All these experiences eventually led him to get his own Las Vegas show, “Laughternoon with Adam London,” at the D Las Vegas Hotel.

9) Hypnosis Unleashed Show

Hypnosis Unleashed Starring Kevin Lepine

Hypnosis Unleashed Show is the perfect production for anyone who loves watching random people getting hypnotized and forced to do crazy and hilarious things. Kevin Lepine is an award-winning hypnotist who has performed one of the longest-running Las Vegas Hypnotist shows ever. Audiences love his uninhibited style of comedy and humor while performing hypnosis tricks on people. His energy and enthusiasm make this 75-minute show fun to watch.

How many certified hypnotherapists are also comedians and performers in Las Vegas? Kevin Lepine is in an exclusive category because no other Las Vegas hypnotists, magicians, or mentalists share these credentials. He delivers razor-sharp comedy without filtering any of his speech. That is why the minimum age of admittance into his show is 18 years of age or older. Hypnosis Unleashed is performed at the Canyon Club of the Four Queens Hotel.

Lepine has used his hypnosis skills to entertain people all across the United States. After his original national broadcast entitled “In Your Head,” he became known as the rock star of hypnosis. Then he performed his hypnosis show in New Orleans and Detroit before finally settling in Las Vegas.

10) House of Magic

House of Magic

House of Magic has a nice roundup of Las Vegas magicians that each offers a different experience to audiences in the Las Vegas Room of the Downtown Grand Hotel. Since the cast of magicians rotates, you might see a different magician each night it is available. But they are all master magicians who perform some of the most original illusions and magic acts in Las Vegas. The best part is that the lowest ticket prices are $28, so it is an affordable 75-minute comedy magic show to attend.

Have you heard of the Magic Castle in Hollywood? The Magic Castle inspired the House of Magic and its Las Vegas comedy magic shows because they both use a rotating cast of magicians with comedy skills. The performers at the House of Magic have made numerous appearances on credible television shows and networks, including Comedy Central, America’s Got Talent, Netflix, and HBO. So, you can have confidence in their magic and comedy skills as professional performers.

FAQs About Las Vegas Comedy Magic Shows

Are all magicians good at comedy in Las Vegas?

Some people get confused about the idea of magicians being comedians and vice versa. The truth is that some magicians are multi-talented, with comedy being their number one alternative talent. It doesn’t mean the magicians identify themselves as comedians, but they still integrate comedy into their magic routines.

However, not all magicians try to be funny. Some magicians like Criss Angel and David Copperfield try to amaze audiences with their magic tricks and illusions. You can usually expect bigger and more elaborate magic tricks at magic shows which are strictly about the magic and less about the comedy. But if you want comedy and magic mixed, you can find Vegas comedy magic shows with a healthy blend of both.

What is the best comedy magic show in Vegas?

Everyone will have their own opinion about the best comedy magic shows in Las Vegas. For instance, someone who loves classic and new magic tricks can see both at the Penn & Teller show in the Penn & Teller Theater of the Rio Hotel. Penn is the narrator, and Teller is the mute who makes funny gestures to his audience. Both magicians play well off each other.

On the other hand, if you like comedy magic shows in Las Vegas with audience participation, the best choice would be Hypnosis Unleashed. Kevin Lepine is an award-winning hypnotist who takes volunteers from the audience and embarrasses them in a fun and clean way. So if you like that kind of comedy show, you might consider it the best in Vegas.

What is a comedy magician in Las Vegas?

A comedy magician is a performer who uses comedy and magic to entertain people. The performer may be more of a comedian than a magician or vice versa. Usually, Las Vegas comedy magic shows have magicians who have a natural instinct for comedy, so they use both to entertain people.


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