Nevada continues to be the messiest and most crowded GOP primary in the country

Today marks the official deadline for candidates to file for the United States Senate in Nevada. With a whopping 12 Republican candidates now set to be on the ballot this June, it’s clear that Nevada will continue to be the messiest and most crowded GOP primary in the country. 

Here’s a quick recap of the attacks that have already been flying in the MAGA primary: 

  • Jeff Gunter: “We joke within the campaign that Sam Brown’s favorite sport is dodgeball.” 
  • Gunter: “Sam Brown thinks he’s entitled to the Nevada Senate seat. […] Just look at how Scam attacks the MAGA base while simping for the swamp. Nevada, don’t roll the dice on a RINO!”
  • Tony Grady: “Another week and still no Sam Brown. Nevada Republicans deserve to know where Sam Brown is and what is and what his plan to save our country is.” 
  • Grady: “Sam Brown thinks he can rest on the backing of D.C. elites to get him across the finish line.” 
  • Jim Marchant: “What has Sam Brown done? Nothing.” 

It’s no wonder Sam Brown has dodged every primary debate this cycle and refuses to face Nevada voters. 

Nevada State Democratic Party Spokesperson Katharine Kurz

“Every Republican candidate running for Senate in Nevada is an anti-abortion extremist desperate to prove their allegiance to the far-right MAGA agenda. With three months left, the road to the primary is bound to be littered with GOP infighting and chaos at every turn.” 



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